God of War 3 tops the Top-10 most epic boss fights

Videogameszone made a Top-10 list of the most epic boss fight of all times. The battle between Kratos and Cronos in God of War 3 made it to the top.

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logichurtsfanboys3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

Funny you say that, considering that Gears 1 and 2 didn't make this list. Also, your name say's you eat trolls, so logically you need to eat yourself, am I right?

On topic: I personally liked the Hades fight better. I think it was just the atmosphere in the underworld, and the music that was with it. But the Cronos fight was indeed epic.

remanutd553113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

ah man the game that got me into gaming ( Metal Gear Solid ) glad to see 2 of my all time favorites on that list ( MGS and GOW3 ) but if i have to put a Metal Gear Solid fight on that list it would be Liquid's fight , it is so EPIC , BROTHER ITS BEEN SO LONG lol

Henry Cain3113d ago

Gears 1&2 are good but the boss fights have all been horrible. GOW3 and MGS4 have both been amazing when it comes to boss fights. Gears can't match either one of them. Stop hating

x5exotic3113d ago

Poseidon should have made at least no2
colossus should've been there too
zeus from gow2 is epic as well :D

raztad3113d ago

So many PS family moments. GoW3 is filled with battles that easily can top that list, but I think Chronos more than deserves the first spot.

After beating GoW3 in Titan (took me a lot more than 8 hours) I'm replaying the whole trilogy in order. Almost done with GoW1.