Sony Sends Onslaught of PSP Games to ESRB For Rating

PSLS writes:

The Entertainment Software Rating Board is known to reveal a broad variety of games to date – some even before it's announced. ESRB have now rated an onslaught of PlayStation Portable games from Sony – something which doesn't happen often.

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Christopher3108d ago

Yeah, gotta say these are kind of just generic and basic puzzle games that really should just be PSP mini games if anything at all. Not at all thrilled by this new line up of games.

StanLee3108d ago

It's not like anyone else is really supporting the platform.

DoucheVader3108d ago

I wonder if these are all minis or full releases...

hay3108d ago

Looks like minis...

user94220773108d ago

Hopefully they're cheap - looking forward to Pinball Duel

kesvalk3108d ago

...why use my psp to play this? with games like this they will lose to the iphone...

va_bank3108d ago

ever since the interview I read here, with some dude in charge of PSP at Sony. He basically came out and said that they are shifting focus of PSP to pre-teens, with maybe a couple of hardcore games thrown in. I just hope other publishers don't follow suit.

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The story is too old to be commented.