Cliffy B: " Yeah we're pushing it (Xbox 360)"

So is Gears 3 really pushing the 360 hardware? Yep. In a new interview with Spanish site Meristation, when asked if they were pushing the Xbox 360 hardware even more, Cliff's answer was:

"I assure you that when you see the realtime gameplay of Gears 3, it looks very very great and even better than Gears of War 2, yeah we're pushing it (Xbox 360)"

Some of the new additions mentioned to the updated Unreal engine is global and ambient lighting, better textures and post processing effects.

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Blaster_Master3114d ago

Okay, The CGI looked just like the old gears. So im assuming there aren't that many graphic leaps from the last iteration. I wonder if they fixed the pop up and laggy online issues? Oh well, Ill just wait until everyone has bought it, and stopped over hyping it to give their piece.

Kingdom Come3114d ago

If you consider Gears of War 1/2 bad, I'd love to hear what you consider great...

Shaman3114d ago

The funny thing is that UE3 is one that is always "maxed".Remember Gears 1 and first edition of UE3?It looked great.Then they added better post processing,depth of field and better lightinig in their UE3 update and Gears 2 took those additions and looked better.Now again with GDC 10 they added new features to engine and again Gears 3 will use it,but will it max out 360?Doubt it,probably again,maxed out UE3 engine.

IdleLeeSiuLung3114d ago

It seems to me that Unreal 3 games look really good on the 360.

Both Gears of Wars look great and Mass Effect 1 was stunning (although it had performance issues), but the second one is amazing and easily among one of the best looking games.

So I'm expecting great things from Gears of War 3. Really looking forward to it!!!

-Alpha3114d ago

Well I expected him to say this. He wouldn't be saying that Gears 3 will look the same or worse.

I'm sure the game will look great. Gears 2 looked awesome and I'm sure Gears 3 will look great too. I personally like the artistic style of the game as it adds a great atmosphere. Technical graphics are something I really don't care too much about. If a game looks good, then I'm all for it as long as the gameplay is great and Gears seems to have awesome gameplay from what I hear.

I am wondering if I should pick up Gears 1 or 2. I want to understand the story and get #1 but how is the online community? Still strong?

cyborg69713114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

When the first one came out it felt next gen. But after playing so many better looking and playing games this just looks like the same sh!t. They need to work on the lagtastic MP in order for this game to be worth a sh!t. The unreal engine is genaric but easy to use everything looks so bloated from gears to batman. I loved the first one but once I realized how bad the host advantage was it was time to quit.

van-essa3114d ago

4 player split-screen, 4 player campaign coop, horde mode... and it'll still look better than Gears 2? I'm impressed.

Robert Patrick3114d ago

Careful that dvd disc doesn't explode cliffy b!

WhittO3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

lol it looks "very great" and "even better than gears 2" ? (not hard haha J/K)

AKA has some improvements in lighting or something but basically same thing (again)?

I think Alan Wake is taking all the hype and attention from Gears now.

Megaton3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

Pop-in is an issue associated with all games running on UE3, even games made by Epic. It's one of the engine's signatures, texture delay.

I'm willing to bet that Alan Wake this year will still look better than Gears 3 next year. UE3 can only do so much, and it hasn't been the best for a long time, even if we're just counting the 360.

PshycoNinja3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

In my opinion (are we allowed to have those anymore?) I didn't like Gears 2. I bought a 360 just for the game and it was a severely disappointing game. I can see where people would like it but thats only people that like the blood and gore factor of the game. To me, the game felt very broken. But dude if you want it buy it off me. I'll sell it to you for $15.

Edit @ disagree: Okay so your saying I cant have an opinion and I cant sell gears 2 to somebody who actualy wants it? That makes logical sense./s

Marceles3114d ago

Is that the record for the longest N4G title?

Mr Logic3114d ago

To me it seems like he is trying to convince people that it will actually be better than Gears 2. That's kind of pathetic.

-Alpha3114d ago

Would you rather he say it was going to be worse? Why is it pathetic that he is hyping his title, it seems to make sense to me to do that...

mcslick1013114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

Why would you take Epic for granted? They promise. They deliver. With Gears 2 the focused on SP as opposed to MP, clearly. I'd say now they might balance the 2. Remember guys, UT is one of the greatest MP experiences ever so don't think they can't do the same with Gears.

In terms of graphics, they're not going to make the Graphics worse. I wouldn't predict a huge improvement, I would say the UE3 updates since Gears 2 will be the improvement he's talking about, so want to see these improvements? Look up the UE3 GDC demos over the past 2 years.

I wouldn't over hype CryEngine 3, just because of mine and other developers experience with it's predecessor. It's not as easy as UE3 and the visuals aren't what you'd think, It seems only CryTek can max out their engine. UE3? I think other developers like DICE, Rocksteady and a lot of the big publishers subsidiaries have essentially 'maxed out' the UE3, not to mention those passionate modders too.

WildArmed3114d ago

I'm up for it. I dont care if they are going to be graphic leaders or not.
I just wanna see them 1 up Gears 2..
I love seeing great franchises evolve :)

But I hope we dont get hyped up about something stupid again..
*Cough* chainsaw battles *cough*

r0s3b0wl233114d ago

Agreed. There is no reason we should believe this guy, Gears 2 looked exactly like Gears 1 and even used some of the same levels. That said, I still want to play it.

ProjectVulcan3114d ago

The visual upgrade of 2 over 1 was in truth pretty slim, and there were trade offs. I expect a very small incremental upgrade at best. After two games that push 360 and a long period of visuals not moving significantly forward on the console, i dont see a significant upgrade coming from 3

Reeperdotcom3114d ago

Hey man, I would definitely give both games a try. I really enjoyed the single player experiences alot, kinda had that roller coaster type feel. Gears has that type of world that can really suck you in. Of course, this is only my opinion as you can see there are many others who detest the game.

Mr Logic3114d ago

Okay perhaps I didn't verbalize what I wanted to say correctly. The games are not pathetic, neither is the fact that Gears3 is going to be better than it's predecessors. That's all great. What I found strange is that it seems like he is trying to convince people that Epic can actually accomplish a game that has better graphics than Gears2. He is making it sound like such a big deal when in fact plenty of games on the 360/PS3 have already surpassed them a long time ago.

Consoldtobots3113d ago


texture pop in has nothing to do with the engine and more to do with the speed of the hardware. Apparently this is the best the 360 can do @ "streaming" textures. This is a technique where texture is read into memory in realtime as the engine preloads them to display in the viewport(what you see on the screen). It "pops in" because the 360s memory is too slow to keep up with the framerate the game is being played at. I imagine this is probably the best it will get with some loading algorithm thrown in to spread it out the load as smoothly as possible over several frames. Next time they need to hire an ACTUAL hardware engineer that will think of these things ahead of time.

captain-obvious3113d ago

they said the same thing about GeOW2
they even said that they maxed the 360

Steffl3r3113d ago

Lets get this straight right now, Sony made Blu Ray its a Sony product so Microsoft cant just pick it up, they cant walk over to their competition and say, hey give me what gives you the edge.

Whereas Microsoft can blow Blu Ray gaming right out of the water with their PC gaming, something ANY console, even their own, are yet to surpass in what seems to be the most important factor of "grapic wise". But there lies the problem its not their box plugged in the TV, its the one in the offices and homes even the Sony guys cant replace but REFUSE to admit. I garuntee the people at Sony Studios use Windows.

So they both have pluses, now when people whine and say 360 exclusives arent only on the 360 but their on the PS3 same difference, its more a referenced as a Microsoft exclusive. Now when you think your all high and mighty saying you dont need a 360 because you can play a PC, guess what? Microsoft is STILL getting the money. Include Windows and all their other software and guess whos winning?

Now Im not bashing Blu Ray either, I have one and I cant watch my movies on ANYTHING else but my Blu ray. But the bashing of who beats who needs to stop console wise.

The PS3 has what the 360 doesnt.
The 360 has what the PS3 doesnt.
Everybodys got what Nintendo has.. (Seriously XP)

So stop the bashing the stupid excuses and fanboyism. Dedication to games, like back in the day I understand. I'm a Mass Effect fanboy and I'd defend it to the death. but consoles? nah. Thats stupid to whine about so get over it, stop bashing everything that comes out on a console just because you and your friends dont play it and enjoy some mother ******* video games. Peace

Lich1203113d ago

Take it to the open zone steff. I assume that's the place for rational comments?

On topic, Gears 2 looked much(ish) better than gears 1 but played much worse in my opinion. So with three I don't care if it looks better than 2, I just want them to bring back the feel of the first game. No more slow as hell shot gun. No more glitchy stopping power. A separate server list like gears 1 would be very nice to have again. Make the game overall more responsive to button input. In gears 2 it felt like I was controlling a freight truck with all the delays to swatting and roll speed. Just my input but theres a reason that more people in my friends list still play gears 1 but haven't touched gears 2 multi in some time.

exnihilonihilfit3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

Microsoft could easily have implemented bluray. Sony, in fact, could not deny microsoft access to bluray. A: other companies have invested in the tech, and they could freely sell it MS. B: As blu-ray is a media standard, Sony cannot deny MS the right to access it, if MS wanted to buy Bluray drives from Sony, Sony couldn't stop them from buying without getting into a lawsuit that MS would win.

The same is true for MS, MS could not deny Sony the right to publish a game for windows. Sony makes all kinds of games that actually run on windows, but not on PS3, that's what SOE does (Sony Online Entertainment).

Sony would get a little bit of money from MS using bluray, because they developed the tech. MS would get no money from an SOE game that runs only on windows, because MS doesn't get any money from people who develop software for windows, unless those developers use tools developed my MS to make the software.

As a matter of fact, the next Xbox will almost assuredly use Bluray, unless MS is willing to spend a bunch of money developing and promoting a new brand of media which the market is neither ready nor willing to bear yet for at least the next 3-5 years.

End game, the bluray vs windows argument has nothing to do with the console war...

End of line.

DaTruth3113d ago

I have to disagree. Unreal Tournament on PS3 also had very bad pop-in! Every time you switched characters in the character choice screen, you had to wait for the rest of their armour to pop-in.

Unreal is just a very bad engine. They were trying to get to market first and it paid off, but their engine sucks in comparison to other now gen tech.

AssassinHD3113d ago

It amazes me that people think PC gaming belongs to Microsoft. Apparently many people do not understand the dynamics of an open platform.

II Necroplasm II3113d ago

All that talk about.. "next Gears after the Xbox 360." I guess then, they will probably reboot the series or have a Gears of War 4.

Don't really care, but I do hope they make the online multiplayer worth playing at least.

catguykyou3113d ago

"Agreed. There is no reason we should believe this guy, Gears 2 looked exactly like Gears 1 and even used some of the same levels. That said, I still want to play it"

I almost forget not everyone refers to the games SP as the main part of the game and the MP as the secondary when talking about things like graphics.
In almost all the games I've ever played, the graphics in MP have been scaled back in order to allow the general "chaos" that is normally involved with a MP match. Even in games like UC2 and KZ2, the graphics were dumbed down slightly from the SP version. So when I see comments like hte one above, I get really confused and then realize, this guy probably is only really thinking about the MP because there were no repeat levels that carried over from Gears 1 to Gears 2 except in multiplayer.

catguykyou3113d ago

From day one all you do is come in, copy/past something from some manual online and claim knowledge of the subject when in fact you don't know anything. "MASTER ACCOUNTS!!!!111!!11". The texture pop-in was an issue with the first iteration of the Unreal engine. The first GDC conference that they had after Gears came out, they were showing improvements to the engine and that was one. They pretty much got rid of the texture pop in issue with that update to the engine. The 360 is not what was responsible for this. Mass Effect on the PC had the same issue (granted not AS bad because the memory on the PC is greater in size and speed), It was an issue with the engine. They specifically noted the issue and worked to improve it with one of the early updates to the UE. If it was an issue specifically with the hardware, it would effect every game on the system.

Steffl3r3113d ago

Sorry I wasnt really looking at consoles I kinda got off on looking as the company as a whole ;P

But as for 360s getting Bluray drives? Not gonna happen because then people who all previously bought 360s arent gonna be able to play the bluray enabled games, because they cant be expected to go and buy a whole new console just for the drive, no doubt theyll hold Blu Ray next gen but this generation no.

Consoldtobots3113d ago

@ DaTruth

"I have to disagree. Unreal Tournament on PS3 also had very bad pop-in! Every time you switched characters in the character choice screen, you had to wait for the rest of their armour to pop-in. "

you have a good point there but that's due to Epic not making good use of the SPUs at a point early in the PS3 development ladder. If you design your engine around SEQUENTIAL processors it will take some work to recode it to make proper use of a parallel processing architecture.

@ the ranting fanboy

what you think I "copied from a manual" is just my general programming knowledge but thanks for the compliment.

corneliuscrust3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

so what you're saying is that the speed of the memory affects the speed at which data can be loaded into memory...isn't that self explanatory?

(It also seems that the speed of the system is directly related to the speed of the system!!!)

Since the problem is not platform dependent it is really more of an engine problem. You say that if they managed the SPUs in the PS3 better, they could have eliminated it... so that means they'd have to augment the engine. Which again makes it a problem with the engine.

There are other games with nice streaming of high res textures on the 360 (MW2 for example) that don't have this problem, so it cant be bottle necked by only the speed of the memory. The speed of the memory will always have something to do with it. But so will a huge hose of other components which make up the system. Saying that the speed at which the system can display data is directly related to the speed of the system's components is quite redundant.

It's just a matter of coding the engine to work with the hardware better.

MNicholas3113d ago

Gamespot had a side-by-side feature where you can clearly see that buildings and environmental objects were downgraded. For example, a nicely modeled wooden chest in Gears 1 was rendered as a simple box in Gears 2.

Gears 3 will be more of the same. To make some things a bit more shiny they'll downgrade some other things that you're less likely to notice.

MNicholas3113d ago

it's not relevant.

Unlike developers who simply license UE3, these guys have full access to all the code and can rip out and change anything they don't like.

Gears 1 maxed out the GPU
Gears 2 maxed out the CPU
Gears 3 will have different design choices (probably with the goal of more "shininess")

The video certainly doesn't give reason to think otherwise.

princejb1343113d ago

thats what they said about gears 2 and look how that came out
but im still looking forward to gears 3
prove me wrong epic

Lich1203111d ago


When you license the engine they give you full access to the source.

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Kingdom Come3114d ago

I would never doubt Epic's efforts, the trailer alone showed the amazing art direction for the game. What's with the "(Xbox 360)"s? What else is it gonna be? :P Seriously, can not wait!

ape0073114d ago

agreed man, one thing that MOST people forget is the art direction and the soul of the game, man the gears world is so unique

this game got the heart and soul that most games miss

-Alpha3114d ago

I have to agree with how the universe feels. Looking at trailers and gameplay the background story really brings the game to life. It's something that is so hard to authenticate in games. Halo does it well too.

Kingdom Come3114d ago

The art style and the deeper themes of the plot both individually and together give me shivers. The end of the line plot sounds incredible and the art style, mind blowing. It's strange because it seems like just yeterday I read a first look preview of the first game, purchased the first on the day of release, same with the second, with the 3rd in bound, it feels like the end of an Era, the greatest era of my entire gaming career. The best game franchise ever.

WildArmed3114d ago

During the end of the trailer/teaser, when you see that your completely surrounded left me wanting for me.

MAn Gears 3 is gonna rock..
But why.. oh why!? I dont wanna wait for april.
Nov. '10 woulda done fine! >:(

VINNIEPAZ3114d ago

I totally agree Alpha-Male22 about the atmosphere of the game.

Super Metroid had some of the best atmosphere in a game I've ever played. Also SotC and ICO had great atmosphere as well.

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KionicWarlord2223114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

Oh wow...cliffy b said your going change characters and not play as dom and marcus at a point in the game .

Kingdom Come3114d ago

Your refering to what Rhod said, he said there would be other characters to play as, my understanding of his words were that the remaining 2 Players could have other characters.

KionicWarlord2223114d ago

No i was referring to what cliffy b said in the video in the article .

He said " You will play as a different squad and you`ll merge pulp fiction style ."

Ether way im pumped .

BannedForNineYears3113d ago

Moar colors or GTFO.
GOW 1 and 2 were just shades of black/grey/dark tan.

corneliuscrust3113d ago

and tell us what it looks like in real life?

why can't they keep the game more dark and monotone? It's a look, it suits the game and story well. Gears and bright colours just wouldnt work.

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Blaster_Master3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

Great? Wanna see great? Look at my avatar. Now that was a great game. So before you entitle me a fanboy. Do you want me to list my games in a pm to you in chronological order from the 2600 and up or only games this gen? Its up to you brother.

How bout this. The best game Epic ever made was Unreal 2000 for the Dreamcast. I bet you dont even know anything about that game. LOL. I love it when noobs try to call me out.

Kingdom Come3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

I own the entire Unreal series.
Edit: Why disagree?

palaeomerus3114d ago

Like any middleware, the unreal engine is constantly being updated with new features that Epic shows off in their games. It's not tired. It's quite versatile. It's used in Borderlands, Mirror's Edge, Gears of War/UT3, and Mass Effect all games that look pretty different.

Solidus187-SCMilk3114d ago

And that Game INST AS GOOD AS THE PC VERSION as it had ALOT of missing features.

jashwin3114d ago

How can you add more water to a glass that is already overflowing?I know that I will get diagrees but the unreal engine and the xbox 360 are both maxed out. All epic can do is to refine the engine,increase perfomance,etc.

kaveti66163114d ago

Maybe one day, if you work really hard, you may become a software engineer, and then maybe you will understand that maxing hardware is solely dependent on the software. Therefore, you cannot really max hardware if you always optimize your software.

Everyone who develops games has said this. Nobody says, "There's just nothing more we can do with the hardware." A good developer can refine his software and continue to pump out better visuals and effects.

Foxgod3114d ago

On top of that, the 360 isnt maxed out at all.

The Wood3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )


but the unreal engine is tired

If MS had a naughty dog, santa monica, poly dij or gorilla games we'd probably see that the 360 isnt maxed out....its just that they didnt want to use that model of studio building. It seems that they prefer to buy titles and timed over studio upkeep

AssassinHD3113d ago

Your analogy does not make much sense. If they refine the engine and increase performance, they are essentially making the glass bigger.

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