What does the Gears Of War 3 Reveal Mean for YOU?

The Gears of War 3 trailer starts off with a bearded Dom running through the charred city of "Char" whose residents have turned into ash from the scorching heat of the Hammer of dawn which the COG used against their own kind. This sequence introduces a very important aspect of the gameplay that is presumed to be present when it launches next year. The game is shifting its trajectory from hardcore bolw'em up action to a story about survival. Throughout the trailer, this common line is echoed in numerous forms, be it Fenix's timely arrival to help Dom or the rest of the Delta squad being cornered by the behemoth Lambent Locust and the Horde.

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281219863109d ago

cant wait for all of it to come through...

mikeslemonade3109d ago

Means nothing. The graphics will look essentially the same as Gears 2. The xbox 360 has been maxed out already since 2007.

IaMs123109d ago

Im truly excited now. I like the way they went with it, looks darker, more grittier Gears, and the "new" enemy still fits well too.

On graphics, we havent even seen any in game footage of the game yet so we can confirm it but ya it probably will be pretty much the same. Its not too bad because 1 its still awesome graphics but the problem is we want new, since weve seen it twice already.


It means all Gears haters will have to suck the big one, lol!

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donstar3109d ago

when we'll see gameplay...

Karum3109d ago

E3 would be my guess. Maybe MS will also have something to show off at Gamescom later in the year too.

100003109d ago

most of this is true...

281219863109d ago

the Cliffy blezenski let the game not have bugs...

822119863109d ago

Halo reach will also have bugs...I have given up on the fact that a microsfot game does not ship with loads of bugs and glitches...Exclusive or mul plat bugs seem to rule the roost these days..

Niles3109d ago

we'll something by the time E3 hits...

281219863109d ago

rob a bank to fund for my games these days (inset heavy sarcasm)...

100003109d ago

was Msoft April thunder is it time for Sony?

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The story is too old to be commented.