Gamasutra Interview: Jerry Bruckheimer on Game Development, Prince of Persia, Why Movie Games Fail

Famed film and television producer Jerry Bruckheimer (Beverly Hills Cop, Pirates of the Caribbean, CSI) is also producing the new Prince of Persia film, based on the game series by the same name. His movies are decidedly in the blockbuster vein, and some might argue his name overshadows the directors of his film at times, as they all ascribe to his particular slick style.

Bruckheimer owns a game studio as well, with executives Jim Veevaert (ex Microsoft) and Jay Cohen (ex Ubisoft North America), which has two projects in the works. At the recent WonderCon, Gamasutra had the chance to talk with Bruckheimer about his involvement in the film, his game studio, and what he thinks of game adaptations of movies: "to really make a good game, it really takes a long time."

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