Love, Actually

Critical Gamer writes: Dysfunctional relationships are part and parcel of modern life. In fact take the time to watch five minutes of any reality TV show, and you might not only begin to wonder if the concept of 'Love' is still alive in the 21 Century, you may struggle to understand how we can bear each other enough to procreate. Of course, as watching five minutes of a reality TV show could also lead you to ponder whether life itself is worth living I suggest you just take my word for it.

Video game characters sadly seem to suffer from similarly tortured romances. No longer is the princess being in another castle the barrier to a meaningful relationship; nowadays they have actually have psychological impediments to true happiness. Games are doing their part to dispel the fairytale images of love-at-first-sight and 'the one' and instead choose to foster our own deep-seated fears, repressed desires and inadequacies. Here I will take a look at some of the most prominent kinds of flawed relationships in gaming. It is unclear just how much influence these bleaker, more complex images of relationships will inspire in the minds of the young and impressionable. But for those planning for the future who wish to embark on a lucrative career I strongly suggest marriage guidance counseling.

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scruffy_bear3111d ago

Very funny and interesting article, really like the The ‘Holy Crap We Have Been Married For 30 years And All The Passion Has Gone From Our Relationship’ Romance part

rockydennis3111d ago

Incredibly funny and observative. The whole thing made me laugh out loud several times, but no more so than "She should remember, there is no ‘I’ in team… but there are two in syphilis".

scruffy_bear3111d ago

One of the best articles I've read on N4G in a while :)

Pidgeridoo3111d ago

LOL at this article very very funny, nice work

scruffy_bear3110d ago

Yeah I love this paragraph: Ah, the love that dare not speak its name. Bromance has existed in gaming since long before the detestable phrase was coined. You could go back to Bad Dudes for a glimpse at one of the most iconic bromantic games, but personally my fondest memory has to be from Contra 3. The first time my brother and I discovered that holding both shoulder buttons made the two bandana wearing, wife beater vest sporting, muscle-bound Arnie and Sly look-alikes adopt a masochistic pose was a historic moment. They stood there, legs akimbo, crotch thrust at the screen, arms held aloft in triumph carrying twin machine guns as the city burned to the ground around them. It was so brotacular that me and my brother high fived each other. Then, being British, we were so ashamed of this flamboyantly American display of exuberance that we shook hands to erase that act of impropriety.

Cubes3111d ago

Good article, had me chuckling away to myself.

mjolliffe3110d ago

Loved the article, very chirpy!

scruffy_bear3110d ago

Seems like everyone getting a good laugh :)

STSRS3110d ago

The Dragon Age part was incredibly funny!!!

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