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FishCake9T43110d ago

Awesome. Deserves more sales than that though.

nix3110d ago

you can thank me Sony by making more awesome games like this. q:

fedex6823110d ago

I have loved the experience. Thi is one game I will never ever trade in. The best 60 bucks I have ever spent.

himdeel3110d ago's refreshing to see a non-traditional game make some headway. Here's to hoping we see more games in this genre but with more intuitive controls and better story :)

3110d ago
zeeshan3110d ago

Is that 1 million in EU or WW? Regardless, those are some great numbers there. Congrats to QD and SONY for delivering a great game. I haven't bought it yet (got wayy too much to catch up with first) but I'll surely be getting it in a month's time.

Elven63109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

It's World Wide,

Congrats Quantic Dream, you guys made a great game and now you are reaping the rewards.

I wonder what the break even point is for the game, I'm sure David Cage will reveal it soon enough.

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gillri3110d ago

I reckon it will sell 2 million in a years time,w hich is good for a new IP

ian723110d ago

Great. Well deserved. More awesome games like this please.

remanutd553110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

i hope you take note sony , theres still a mature audience willing to try new experiences , take note and make more unique games , stop the shooter nonsense please , this is playstation not shooterstation , proud yourself in what you have accomplished over the past 2 generations ( variety , diversity and quality )
PLAYSTATION you hear me , continue your tradition please. anyways congrats Quantic Dream , now you know theres a fan base waiting for your next project

Sevir043110d ago

and an experience like no other... I'm so for games like this because their isnt anything like there on the planet. thanks QD and thanks Sony for scooping up on this game, now you know their is a fanbase waiting for something like this

sikbeta3110d ago

Great sales for a Great Game, deserve more like Every Amazing PS3 Game...

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