Japan's Bought Quite A Lot Of Playstation 3 Consoles

PushSquare: "How many Playstation 3 systems are there out in the Japanese wilderness? It's a question we often ask ourselves. Thankfully, as of April 11th, Famitsu publisher Enterbrain has the answer. Over 5 million. That's right - over 5 million consoles have been sold to Japanese gamer folks."

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ElementX3108d ago

Hasn't this been said time and time again?

Forbidden_Darkness3108d ago

I cant remember seeing it, but im sure it was, but you know N4G, people change the title or wait a couple weeks and post it N4G and its like new news all over again

ChozenWoan3108d ago

it doesn't have to be new news in order to be news on news 4 gamers.

get2sammyb3108d ago

The statistic was released today in Japan so I doubt what you read was confirmation.

zeeshan3108d ago

I only recently read an article related to the same news. PS3 has sold over 5 million consoles in Japan. I am sure that article had more information regarding other consoles and where PS3 currently ranks. So this really isn't news. This is reposting the same news. Still, it's great to see PS3 pass the 5 million mark.

I can't even imagine what'll happen if they further recude PS3 cost to $250 (can't covert to Yen). It'll be like PS2 all over again!

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