Respawn To Hire Ex-Infinity Ward Staff?

NowGamer: In an interview, ex-Infinity Ward bosses Jason West and Vince Zampella have discussed plans for their new studio

Two key Call of Duty developers left Infinity Ward last week, while reports of two more departures - programmer Jon Shiring and designer Mackey McCandlish - have hit the internet today. That's a potential total of six key Modern Warfare employees that could be reunited at the new EA-backed studio. Respawn is currently hiring. Will Zampella and West bring ex-IW staff to their new outfit?

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Feckles3110d ago

Do Activision care? Probably not, they didn't mind when Harmonix made Rock Band for EA and Guitar Hero went on to be even more successful with Neversoft at the helm.

Forbidden_Darkness3110d ago

I love the irony of this part of the article: 'West also admitted he was playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2 when he thought up the name, Respawn Entertainment.'

LMAO, Thats funny as hell.