Bleszinski; Gears of War 3 "worst kept secret in the videogame industry"

The Lost Gamer writes:

Whilst we all knew that Gears of War 3 was due to arrive at some point, Cliff Bleszinski remarked during his appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night that Epic Games development of the title was one of the "worst kept secret[s] in the videogame industry."

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interrergator3162d ago

sweet trailer now 2 months till we see gameplay (E3)

Seedhouse3162d ago

I wonder if this is going to be able to heighten the series even further, Gears of War 2 was very much on a far larger scale than Gears 1

Syronicus3162d ago

I don't know about that... They blew the lid off the PSP Go pretty quick and don't even get me started on the PS3 Slim. Both were horribly kept secrets.

StanLee3162d ago

Did anyone else notice that the rifle the female COG hands Dom isn't the lancer or burst rifle?! It looks like an assault rifle with a bayonet.

Daver3162d ago

Bleszinski; Gears of War 3 "worst kept secret in the videogame industry"

hmmm just shut up and it will still be a secret...

This guy was teasing people, and the only thing or almost that he could have announced is gears of war 3...

Killjoy30003162d ago

Nah. I would still crown the PSP Go or the PS3 Slim with that title. I think everyone I talked to, even those that distance themselves from gaming journalism knew about them both.

Consoldtobots3162d ago (Edited 3162d ago )

I hardly raised an eyelid when the prospect of Gears 3 was announced and had my low expectations met when I saw the trailer. As usual nothing indicative of ACTUAL GAMEPLAY and just more smoke and mirrors. It's a shame because Gears is actually a pretty decent IP that has been limited by the platform it's on. Who knows maybe between now and next year they will dazzle yet again but this time I really doubt it. Between this and Halo the 360 has solidified itself as a 2 trick pony.

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Meryl3162d ago

lol it's only because MS was desperate for games Cliff, because since ME2 it's been a very dry season for games on x360.

crydroidscry3162d ago

MMM, give me those tears!

Cry droid...cry!

crydroidscry3162d ago (Edited 3162d ago )

Hes crying! How is pointin that out, spam? Im not the person who you have an agenda with in your past comments. I love all game systems.
Droids are no game systems!
Also, why is he sayin that 360 has a dry season. It has Alan Wake, Fable 3, Halo Reach, Crackdown 2, ME2, Metro, Perfect Dark, etc... All coming out this yearr!

Meryl3162d ago

most of those games you just mentioned are not coming out till later, way to own yourself, oh well I will play more on my beloved PS3 tonight, enjoy your dry season bots.

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seany13162d ago

looks epic , liked way they done the brothers and the end bit so im thinking this is last of this gears team .

peeps3162d ago (Edited 3162d ago )

hopefully they get quite daring and kill off a few main characters. not cus i hate any of the main characters lol just cus in films and games, it's pretty standard that the good guys/main characters never die.

could do like an epic last stand to finish the trilogy with them just getting overrun and basically having hundreds and hundreds of locust decend on ur squad or something

zeeshan3162d ago

Last from the gears team? REALLY? After HALO, Gear of War will become the most milked M$ exclusive franchise ever. Just wait and see :)

mistajeff3162d ago

i'd give that title to the PS3 slim, haha. it wasn't exactly a secret, though. they ended 2 on an MGS phone call, there HAS to be another. it's newton's 4th law.

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