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Conviction is a good game, faithful to the series, with great visuals and a perfect mix of action and stealth. But the solo experience is extremely short, there are several AI flaws, and all of the multiplayer game modes are just for up to two players. Good ideas, but it's not as polished as previous entries.

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xaviertooth3114d ago

i think microsoft cheques were not effective for gamespot and this website they were honest this time reviewing a lame game.

MAG_SVER3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

I guarantee that this game will be a 81-83 when all reviews are in, mark my WORD.

How the hell is this STEALTH if you can't lay down & roll, drag bodies, Hide them in lockers or you hide in lockers, camouflage, can't do a hold up where u get them to drop the weapons or you search them.


They call Mark & Execute Revolutionary when its already used in Rainbow 6 games. The character moves like they use the Assassin's Creed game Code, just look at how he runs & crouch, just like Altair in Assassin's Creed. The vision of enemies in other areas are from Batman Arkham Asylum nothing new & some Max Payne elements which we have already been introduced to .

This Game Is A G!MM!CK plane & simple ..The Truth Hurts

GamerTag- maytr1x, I cancelled my pre-order.. I rather play the real stealth again MGS4 which I still play than buy this game.. 5hrs SP YEAH & I Ain't gonna pay for live to play MP phuck that.

Grown Folks Talk3113d ago

I can do this rather easily in the game. Didn't realize crawling around in cloaked gear, looking like you're trying to have sex with the ground was a required element.

HQLocated1113113d ago

Score seems accurate, hopefully its cheaper when it comes to PS3. Maybe $40?

Hank Hill3113d ago

And just why would it be cheaper? More content for the same price, yes. Cheaper, no.

clarkjudo3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

I have been reading all the reviews. The ones that seem odd. Are the ones that seem to say anything just to fill in the empty spaces on the Cons of the game. With things that do not merit anything but a personal uneducated opinion. They make it as tho they did not try playing the single campaign both ways. Action (run and gun using M&E) and Stealth (creative ways without using the M&E option).
Have no time and got to get the game review out on time? Rush through it by using the Action option methods of play. And fill the review with many useless but creative words. More time seems to be spent on that. Than playing the game in different ways and methods offered. Do people need to be spoon fed? Or simply they are not creative enough and do not have the time to be?

lokiroo4203113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )


So how much time do you need to write a review for a 5 hour game? 3,4 days, a week? 2 weeks? Just stop.

snesfangirl3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

i just got the game tonight, funny you call it "a 5 hr game" i got 3 hrs on it, only in co-op alone, and i only finished ONE level. and ill be honest in my opinion it was played " sloppy"

this game can be played just like "old" splintercell games. i decide to play it the old way because its more fun and challenging than shooting everything, aka METAL GEAR SOLID FOUR. after act 2 on that game, the stealth element of that title falls down hard. still love it though, just like i love splintercell, but for the ps3 crack babies they haven't played even the demo, have really nothing to say in my opinion.

all you guys have is others opinions to go by, i have my own to go by, and this game is awesome. only thing im wandering is if there is a secret achv. for playing it stealthily, or one for aggressively, or both......

over all im pleased with splinter cell conviction. multiple paths, you can literally play this game however you want too. kill, don't kill, use non-lethal gadgets, just an awesome experience, but i am a splinter cell/ metal gear fan.

this is a great game for those who like stealth games, don't let a lot of the media and ps3 fanboys fool you guys, if you want this game defenitely pick this one up. just because some douche at ign played the game on easy and played rainbow six splinter cell and beat it in 5 hrs means nothing. i think that's what they did.

rush their review out before this tues. (their review came out this past fri)

to those out there on the fence about this game i recommend it. im a hard core splinter cell fan, and i can't recommend it enough. you can for sure play this like the old ones if YOU CHOOSE TOO.

pm for live acct if you wanna play some co-op.

edit- to effel- lol look at your disagrees for saying something honest, guess the ps3 kiddies have nothing else to do.....anyways im off for the night, going to play splinter cell!

p.s- ps3 fanboy trolls disagree all you want, i won't see them til tomorrow anyways, if then :)

edit 2- lokiroo, i havent started the single player yet............. try a lot more than 8 hrs dude, i think you're thinking about snore of war 3

lokiroo4203113d ago

^^ LOL, ok 8 hours, still only an afternoon.

Arnon3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

My God of War 3 Play Times:

Hard - 10:35:00
Normal - 7:06:00
Easy - 6:35:00

Uncharted 2 and Heavy Rain (only took me 5 hours to beat on the hardest difficulty) were no different.

By the way, the PS3 community seems to be at an all-time low, nowadays. They're writing reviews on metacritic which consist of 0's stating how the game is only 5 hours long. You guys are so butthurt over anything positive not relating to the console, that you guys ruin games for others. You can be a fanboy all you want, but spoiling games for others is just a hit below the belt. Go figure, I saw ThatCanadianGuy420 in a preview of SC:C giving out great spoilers.

God of War 3 isn't even being talked about now, and go figure, people are still trying to use Uncharted 2. By the way, what happened to Heavy Rain, White Knight Chronicles and Yakuza 3? What happened to these great games that everyone on here continuously told us how underrated they were (go figure), and that they just had to be experienced? It seems nobody even cares for them anymore. How truly, and utterly pathetic. I seriously hope Splinter Cell: Conviction comes to the PS3. It seems to be running on empty for 2010.

What else is confirmed for the PS3 in 2010? 3D Dot Game Heroes, SOCOM 4, ModNation Racers and (maybe) Gran Turismo 5? Wow. That sure is a huge "AAA" list right there..

Information Minister3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

@ above

The silly Metacritic fanboy wars are nothing new and they sure as hell weren't started by the "PS3 community". They were started by Xbox fanboys (=/= community) in the LBP Metacritic page - . And if anyone is at an "all time low", it's fanboys on both camps.

BTW you're acting like a butthurt fanboy yourself. Nobody mentioned Uncharted 2 besides yourself, and one could argue that with just Halo Reach (did someone say milk?), Alan Wake, Natal and (maybe) Milo, the 360 is running just as dry as the PS3 for 2010.

Arnon3112d ago

My comment has nothing to do with who starts what and who is a fanboy. It has to do with the fact that I've heard nothing but unwarranted praise and hatred day after day on this site, coupled with spoilers and death threats. It's the same thing over and over.

By the way, you forgot Fable 3 and Crackdown 2.

Information Minister3111d ago

And you forgot Resistance 3 and The Last Guardian.

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3113d ago
frankymv3113d ago

Seems Ubi has had a really tough time making a truly blockbuster game this gen....

madmonkey03113d ago

certainly does, they have not managed it yet. AC2 was average at best.

NaiNaiNai3113d ago

first I've never liked any of the splinter cell series, I was a metal gear fan threw and threw.

But this game feels great...and since I have a friend we were already playing co-op and boy did it kick ass.

:D personally I'd say 9/10.

Especially since its hard for a game to be perfect in my book.

controls are great, strong AI, multiple ways to play threw.*im actually going threw story without guns. :P fun as hell*

Fanb0y3113d ago

Same. Sure hardcore fans are butthurt, but this game really introduced a lot of new people (like me) to the franchise - and that's ultimately what matters: how many people are really enjoying your game?

I couldn't get myself to 'enjoy' Chaos Theory. It was a bit difficult and unforgiving. I just wasn't willing to devote a whole lot of time and effort into that single game.

This game is amazing - but everyone's experience differs depending on how you play. Some people shoot their way through. Me? I'm pressing B on every person I see.

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