Gears 3 to end 'current story arc'

The announcement trailer suggests Gears of War 3 will be the end, and Microsoft has now confirmed this to be true. However, while Gears 3 will be the final game in the Gears of War trilogy it doesn't mean we won't see more from the franchise in the future.

In a press release confirming the game's April 8, 2011 release date, Microsoft stated: "Gears of War 3 plunges players into a harrowing tale of hope, survival, and brotherhood that will conclude the current story arc for Gears of War."

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PussyPirate3207d ago

I hope they revise the story, Its almost as bad as the gameplay

Ace Killa 083205d ago

though i agree only to a certain point. the story IMO is great, really interesting, i wouldn't call it a horror game, and one thing i did with gears 2 is play the story co-op with the same friend who i got the first gears with.

the story is good, but the main issue i see is the way they present it is horrible. i did read one time an interview with cliffy b, and he did mention that the first gears story was rushed in the end, from the scene at the mansion to all of a sudden at a train station. and the 2nd gears was good too, better than the first IMO, but not perfect.

hopefully they take their time with this game, they got a whole year to make this game great... hopefully

Fanb0y3205d ago

The story is interesting. Perfect setting to show humanity's 'downfall' and it's dark times.

They just need to change Dom's voice actor. He sounded cowardly in Gears 2.

xXjxXdOggY3205d ago

end the marcus and dom story on the 360...start fresh with the xbox 720 :) cant wait for

spunkee3113205d ago

I agree with Acekilla. I played both games with the same person and it makes it much more enjoyable.

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worm20103205d ago

hope your right Ace killa 08 about them taking their time with this game. I hope this game is more story driven and maybe a bit more emotional.

kissmeimgreek3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

its gonna be ready ALOT sooner than next April (thats why theyve already planned an exact release date a year in advance). The reason for this is because of all the games MS has coming this fall (Gears and Halo in the same year would be a terrible idea).

The good thing is that this will give them plenty of time to polish the game to perfection.

Off Topic: If MS is planning one of there biggest franchises for April, Imagine what they must have later next year!

FragGen3205d ago

Hopefully, they'll use the long lead time for an extended multiplayer beta.

Godmars2903205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

How has this been about saving humanity when its on another planet? And if they intend to end "this arc" then aren't they ending the war?


Cliffys going to wet his little racecar bed and his scooby doo pajamas.

KiraxYamato3205d ago

Halo 3 will be our last BAM! Halo War BAM! Halo ODST! BAM! Halo Reach!

FantasyStar3205d ago

Hate when Microsoft or any developer/publisher say "ending the story arc". Just come out and say it.

"We'll end the story so we don't have to give up the franchise".

<3 $$$$$

Kingdom Come3205d ago

They're saying it's the last in the Story Arc,
Which Halo 3 did... Halo Wars didn't follow Master Chief, neather did ODST and Reach.

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