Rockstar has announced the two DLC packs for Grand Theft Auto IV are now available to download on PSN.

With Microsoft's timed exclusivity for the DLC having come to an end, The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony are now available to PS3 users in North America. European users will have to wait until Friday.

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Dorjan3113d ago

Well I guess I have to wait until Friday :(

Eldon33113d ago

am i the only one who noticed that the lost and the damned is the only dlc on the store (im downloading it now) but i was looking forward to the ballad of gay tony more... (because of the mp features) i hope they add it soon because i want to get in some base jumping... just cause 2 has gotten me in the mood for some parachute action lol.

Rainstorm813113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

I got on PSN last night about 1 or 2 thinking both would be on there and all i saw was Lost and the Damnned.

Sony or Rockstar get on your shyt and put Gay Tony on there thats the one i want, ive beaten L&D

JC2 is digital crack, despite the non existent story and horrid voice acting, i cant help but travel to every city trying to find the hundreds of items on there.

It is really a great generation for Open World games.

Zedux3113d ago

one word: "no thanks!"

Syronicus3113d ago

Who the heck is still playing this game?

nix3113d ago

forget downloading these two episodes. how i wish i could sell back my copy of GTAIV to Rockstar.

ghandistash3113d ago

I'm still playing it! I play online with friends all the time. it's still a great laugh.

3113d ago
Anon19743113d ago

Sorry. You're too late. I played GTAIV to death and moved on about a year ago, trading in my copy. If you had released these sooner on the PSN I might have bought these but there's a stack of games waiting to be played on my PS3 and I don't have time to take another stab at gameplay that was feeling a little old a year ago despite what I'm sure is another great story.

By the way, did anyone here how these sold on the 360 after all the hub-bub about the exclusivity deal? I never heard either Take Two or Microsoft make a peep about how they were doing. Usually when something sells well on XBL, Microsoft execs take to the roof to crow about it. I didn't hear anything about these expansion packs.

ChozenWoan3113d ago

I thought these where like SC:C .... you know... exclusive.

Too bad I gave away my GTA4.

thematrix12983113d ago

This game is going for $5 CAD in Toronto. lol why would anyone buy more of this DLC? I have this game, yet to get a trophy.

corneliuscrust3113d ago

GTA IV: Lost and Damned Breaks Xbox Live Sales Records

"Episodes from liberty city" the standalone DLC pack retail disc sold 1.3M according to VGchartz if you want to take their word

Couldn't find anything on Gay Tony sales unfortunately, but fwiw Gay Tony was by FAR the better of the two DLC packs (though TLAD was also much better than the original GTA4 and def worth getting)

Glad pc/ps3 only users will get to play these!

jeseth3113d ago

But the DLC is a year old to a 2 year old game. Way better games out/coming out than go back to Liberty City.

Its funny but the more I think about GTA4, the more dissapointed I am in it. I hope they go back to Vice City soon, that was my favorite. Best decade (80's), music, characters, clothes, and overall atmosphere. Vice City was awesome. Gimme Vice City, with San Andreas features and Create-a-Character.

Noctis Aftermath3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

You do NOT need GTAIV to be able to play the DLC, they are not expansions, they are each seperate games, each is stand alone.

OT: guess i will have to wait till the weekend to gay up my ps3 with gay tony.

Anon19743113d ago

That's interesting. With the L&D expansion, I found the release that Microsoft put out about it breaking some XBL record, but they didn't actually release any numbers with the release.

Decent sales on Liberty City Stories. I was just curious how these types of more expensive and bigger expansion packs sell over the networks. Both Microsoft and Sony aren't very forthcoming with these figures.

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Fyzzu3113d ago

I wonder how these are going to sell on the other systems? It'd be nice if they did well, as they're good, but they're not going to get the same marketing push as they did on 360 this late on...

AndyA3113d ago

I think they'll still do pretty well - esp Gay Tony.

Chris3993113d ago

Because PS3 owners are sensible, liberal and mature? More accepting and less discriminating of differences in lifestyle, race or creed?

Is that what you meant?

How is life under the bridge by the way?

Rainstorm813113d ago

Gay Tony is the better of the two episodes........Damn dont be so defensive to every lil thing, guys its Gaming

AndyA3113d ago

Erm no, I meant that it'll do well because it's a quality piece of software. Still, good call judging someone you've never met. Exceedingly sensible, liberal and mature.

Chris3993113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

Oh wait, you only did that the second time round.

Your first comment made you sound like a troll.

P.S. This "judging someone you've never met" winge is tired and old. That's exactly the modus operandi for internet dialogs. Engage, chat with and yes, "judge" strangers. There's a good chance that we WILL never meet, that's how the internet is structured - connecting people across vast distances who would never otherwise converse. It is very hard to understand the nuances of your speech or intent, as this is not a real conversation, but instead a series of postings (or tiny letters, if you want to think of it that way) back and forth. If you're looking for open, concise conversations of great clarity try joining a social club or hanging out with your friends.

cayal3113d ago

"This "judging someone you've never met" winge is tired and old."

No, it is quite valid.

If I talk to you enough, you might be a decent guy and good to chat to, but right now, after one post, I think you are a f**king idiot.

Chris3993113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

By your own admission, you judged me, based on one post, and issued a reflexive response.

Welcome to the internet.

Thanks for proving my point.

Parapraxis3113d ago

AndyA said nothing wrong LOL, Chris399 I'm not sure where you got the ideas about "discriminating of differences in lifestyle, race or creed" from somebody saying a completely straightforward statement.
"I think they'll still do pretty well - esp Gay Tony. "
A lot of people I know who have played it on 360 have said that TBoGT is by far the best GTAIV content they have played.

Try not to read into things so much.

AndyA3113d ago

@Chris "Good job clearly expressing yourself in a medium where one only has words to define another's intent."

That's pretty funny. What I wrote simply suggested that I thought it would sell well on the PS3. Simple as that.

You then attributed a homophobic subtext to my comment which, if we're being honest, says more about you than it does me.

"Thanks for proving my point" - lol, very David Brent. Have fun being awesome.

nix3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

i'd like to ask you the same question: "How is life under the bridge by the way?"

i agree with cayal and parapraxis. i think you were being too 'judgmental'.

EDIT: and i agree with andy above.

Chris3993113d ago

Guess I'm just a little high-strung today. It seemed, at first glance, like a troll remark. And my brother is gay, and has had a pretty terrible life; so yeah, it's a sensitive issue. I'm usually not such a douchebag, but today must have been special :)

Apologies to all. Not going to stay on the internet all day - it's 26 degrees and sunny here. Peace! (Or I might just chill out under the bridge waiting for some Billy Goats to devour :P)

AndyA3113d ago

NP, no hard feelings.

raztad3113d ago

WTF is going on in this thread? I see people fighting about nothing.

BTW I heard both Episodes are much better than GTAIV. I think I'm gonna wait for them to price drop.

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Maticus3113d ago

Finally, how many months has that been?

liquidsnake3113d ago

Over a year for L&D and 5 months for Gay Tony I believe.

rmatott3113d ago

i'm def passing on these at least for the near future. for 40 bucks, i still havnt played some of the triple A titles on the system, so ill wait till this is like 20 and pick it up. good move making this stand alone, most people probably dont still have their copy of gta4

champ213113d ago

yep i am still debating wether to get this. its 29usd on steam, probably will wait until they give a good discount on it.

va_bank3113d ago

This goes on my list of games to play when there's nothing else out. After Red Dead Redemption summer looks pretty empty, so this WKC, Yakuza 3 and Just Cause are on my B-List

himdeel3113d ago I see it as a waste of money for a year old game so close to their next new release.

peeps3113d ago

will prob pick up the stand alone disc if i c it on offer in the near future. never completed 4 cus it got boring, then my ps3 died and i lost my save haha so had to start again and takes a while to get into things so i cudnt b bothered.

i'm not too fussed about lost and damned but bogt looks really good