Gears of War 3: First 1080p Screenshots

First 1080p screenshots of Gears of War 3 have been released.

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3114d ago
WhittO3114d ago

It looks like the trailer was done with the game engine but run on a maxed out comp haha.

Just dont think you will get that detail etc while actually playing the game.

We will see when they have playable demos at E3.

2Spock3114d ago

1080p screenshots, thats nothing. Cliffy B says Gears 3 will run in a "Bigger, Badder and more [email protected] resoulution than 1080p".

peeps3114d ago

they're just 1080p trailer screens. they look great but they're just from the trailer. i very much doubt the game itself will be in 1080

champ213114d ago

What was the res of the orignal gears?

I dont expect Gow 3 to be anything above the original.

Remember when Microsoft was releasing the 360, epic specially asked them to increase the ram to 512mb so they could get the game to work in (720p i think not sure). If they couldnt get the original to work above that, there is no way this will be above the res of the original.

What Would Kratos Do3114d ago

Yes Epic forced MS to make the 360 512mb.

I would imagine that right now they are showing MS what 2GB of ram could do for games.

peeps3114d ago

"What was the res of the orignal gears? "

just looked at the back of the box. says 420p, 720p and 1080i. usually that means 720p standard though and then can upscale to 1080i

sid4gamerfreak3114d ago

most console games barely manage 1080p, i doubt gears 3 will be any different...

champ213114d ago

About 5% games on consoles do manage 1080p, but then they hardly do any AA and those titles dont push graphics at all.

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3114d ago

A lot can output in 1080p, but running native 1920x1080 requires some simple game mechanics and almost no hardcore special effects or proprietary physics engine.

GT5 is the closest game to manage everything at nearly 1920x1080 ([email protected] 60fps)

So really its just a balance. An educated guess would point GeoW3 at 1 and 2's specs... (Gears of War 2 = 1280x720 2xAA)

evrfighter3114d ago

wow I would have thought that console gamers would have given up on seeing AAA games @ native 1080p this gen.

Maybe next-gen...or the one after. 1080p gaming this gen belongs to the pc. starting about 5 years ago.

2Spock3114d ago

Dont you have something better to do, like go pirate some software.

Str8laced3114d ago

Awwwwwwwww....give him a cookie or some tit. He has been gaming in high def for 5 years now. Did everyone here that! Sir i would like to shake your hand, always wanted to shake a hand of an idiot. Do you think anyone cares what you have done. Your friends dont think your cool and just cause they dont you have the need to come online and act like your cool but fail miserably. But i thought PC gamers would have given up coming into console related articles, and realized they make themselves look like @sses 99% of the time.

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awesomeperson3114d ago

First 1080p screenshots, unfortunately the game itself will probably not even run in 720p.

Greywulf3114d ago

lol @ 1080p & the subhdbox273

The bullshots start... bots pretend graphics don't matter then just get excited over graphics claiming KZ2 what?!?!?!? then the game shows up, and its terrible... then "BUH GAMEPLAY!!!"

Stop hyping graphics bots, your next gen console doesn't do next gen. Its like the wii!

Enjoy the fun gameplay. The rest will enjoy Visuals + Gameplay.

Maybe they will fix the online this time??

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3114d ago

I know this is a pretty early trailer, but I KNOW the Unreal Engine can do better than this...

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