Lindsay Lohan snubbed on Mean Girls DS cover

"Though the Mean Girls DS game still has Lindsay Lohan's character Cady Heron, said character is curiously missing from the game boxart.

"Her exclusion from the game cover may be an indication that Nintendo or 505 Games are not in love with her current image."


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rajman5151d ago

haha serves here right...no way she should be on the cover of a kids game

Noctis Aftermath5150d ago

With how she has been the last few years who could blame them for removing her off the cover.

C-R-E-A-M5149d ago

So...who gives a f***k.. y the hell is this even making the news

toaster5149d ago

"Lindsay Lohan snubbed on Mean Girls DS cover"

Oh No!! What shall we EVER do?? :'(

Shang-Long5148d ago

haha oh well but If there was a ds game called party girls it would be lohan, paris and Richie ha

liquidsnake5148d ago

Not "party girls" Shang-Long, more like "stupid blonde bimbos hooked on drugs".

Mr Pumblechook5148d ago

Unless priorly agreed in the movie contract - if the publishers want Lindsay Lohan on the cover, they have to pay her.

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DrRobotnik5149d ago

Why is there a Mean girls game?......I wonder if it has action sequence sex scenes like God of War.

Erotic Sheep5149d ago

lol that would skyrocket the sales XD

BeaArthur5148d ago

I had the same question...not the sex scenes, the other one.

thereapersson5148d ago

And speaking of money, after you're done f*cking them (the hardest part of the game is actually getting them to sleep with you), they steal your money while you are asleep, and you automatically lose regardless of the path you chose during your playtime.

NateNater5149d ago

No one will buy the game anyway. So it doesn't really matter if she's present or not.

MaximusPaynicus5149d ago

Just like how nobody buys those pointless "Imagine" games, eh? I know it's hard to accept -- hell, I can barely comprehend it -- but this kind of crap sells.

MetalGearBear 5149d ago


Lindsay Lohan sux.

tdrules5149d ago

Not that ive watched the film *cough* but the cover shows the Plastics.
Lindsay was never properly in the plastics.
Anyway il leave you all to criticise someone you know nothing about...

FragMnTagM5148d ago

So I do know a little about it *shudder.* Anyway Lindsay Lohan used to be hot and I respected her. Now she is just another Britney Spears. It is sad what Hollywood does to such beautiful women.

PS360PCROCKS5148d ago

I'll admit I watched it, more than once too. The chicks were fuc*ing hot, I was like 18 and horny, and saw the previews of them in the santa suits and knew I needed to see this movie. It was lame but I laughed at it