Price Comparison: XBLA vs PSN


We all know how important downloadable purchases are for both Microsoft and Sony, and most of us here at TSA have sent small fortunes on at least one such service. However, it's generally been considered that prices on Xbox Live tend to be a little bit cheaper than they are on the PlayStation Network – thankfully TSA reader TheLig had a bit of spare time and dug a little deeper, comparing a few add-ons and downloadable games to see if there's any truth to the myth.

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3982d ago
Wrathman3982d ago

wow.xbl prices are all over the place becasue of the points system.certain to change soon tho.either way,whether you buy off PSN OR XBOXLIVE,it means your a sucker for trash add-ons.

shame it doesnt do a price list for ikea chairs and lamps for psHOME invasion.

ClickClank3982d ago

So, you consider downloadable games as add-ons?

ToothWhiteningFairy3981d ago

definitly not trash add ons ...

give your teeth !!!!

-Alpha3982d ago (Edited 3982d ago )

Well if your going to do a price comparison for LIVE/PSN you need to add $50 for LIVE. No matter what the 360 is more expensive for online gaming. Maybe you are just comparing base prices of games, but its funny, spending money for XBL makes me a lot more reluctant knowing I need to pay for LIVE soon (1 month trial almost over).

Also, why is Braid, which is like 1-2 years old (?) more expensive on the 360 but cheaper on the PS3 when it just came out on the PS3?

I've been wanting to get some MS points because they have really good deals (Geometry Wars 2 for like $7.50), but I need to find a way to pay for LIVE first. I don't even think I can use MS points to subscribe for LIVE, it has to be done separately.

LightofDarkness3981d ago

Seeing as they're quoting game prices, the subscription fee doesn't apply unless the game is purely multi-player. You don't need to be gold to buy XBL Arcade games.

JonnyBadfinger3981d ago

Theres nothing any Sony fanboy can say about XBLive gold membership fee.

The way i see it is the more money MS get in their pockets the more likely that product is gunna stick around. Whether you like it or not soon Sony with PSN will be doing the same thing... billions of dollars is too much to pass up annually.

Remeber playing games on a service for free is a privilege not a right, Sony and MS are bother business corporations... they dont care about your rights only your money... Sony use their lack of online fee as a selling point, to very little effect... MS use their online fee as a selling point, to much better effect even though it costs you more money... sorry but if that doesnt define successful marketing management nothing can.

Paying for online gaming is the way of the future accept it not, its the reality.

Chaostar3981d ago (Edited 3981d ago )

I was just on PSN 2 mins ago and downloaded Turtles in time for £3.99 making the PSN cheaper overall (not even including xbla fees). I know this is only one thing and I can't be bothered to go back on and check the rest but it puts the other prices into question doesn't it?

@johnnybadfinger Are you really defending being charged for something over getting the same thing for free? I dunno about you but i'm not a millionaire

Free > Paying

Cryos3981d ago

The way I see it, consumers decide what is our right with the products we buy. Unfortunately, users defending and supporting double billing with LIVE and other Pay-to-play services moves it from a right to a "privilege" as you put it.

As this generation plays out, it will determine the future of these services in the future. If Sony advertises their feature better and not only increases their base but hurts MS in the process, it may be determined that this fee practice cannot be sustained. However it's looking more and more that the consumer will not only swallow the fee but defend it, which justifies them and also calls into question why bother offering a free service.

Hopefully Sony has entrenched itself in the no-fee model so much that if it tries to implement it that it's users and potential future customers with rebel, forcing everyone to reconsider the practice, but I don't see that happening.

Solidus187-SCMilk3981d ago (Edited 3981d ago )


The prices REALLY are NOT that different. No need for you too go into crazy damage control mode and make illogical statements.

You said "I've been wanting to get some MS points because they have really good deals (Geometry Wars 2 for like $7.50), but I need to find a way to pay for LIVE first. I don't even think I can use MS points to subscribe for LIVE, it has to be done separately."

First of all, you dont need a gold sub to DL stuff from live. Silver is free and you can also buy a gold subscription card at stores if you are a little kid and dont have a credit/debit card.

IdleLeeSiuLung3981d ago

I in some way wish my Xbox Live Gold subscription was free, but having it paid has it's advantageous. So far it seems paid subscription with premium experience has paid off for MS and in turn they are obligated to their consumer base to consistently push Xbox Live ahead of the competition. If not, their consumer base will rebel.

So far the consumers has shown that they are willing to pay $4 a month (less for savvy consumers like me) for premium online experience.

guitarded773981d ago

Maybe they should compare all the free themes and wallpaper PSN gives you while you have to pay for the same ones on Live.

AliTheBrit193981d ago

No, no you don't

1. It's £30.00
2. You don't have to have an Xbox Live Gold account to get access to the Marketplace
3. This has nothing to do with the online services, its the price of the games.

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jashwin3982d ago

I'm surprised that PSN is more expensive. But hey,it's free,right?Plus with psn,there is transparency. I don't wanna google for a xbl points translator every time I buy something,but that's just me.

siyrobbo3981d ago

xbox live silver is free as well

cliffbo3981d ago

thesixthaxis is a stealth site, by that i mean an anti ps3 site pretending to be an unbiased ps3 fan site hence the name.

you will have noticed most ps3 articles are negative but most other articles are not!.

tudors3981d ago

I agree with you on that one, although I do prefer Xbox-live on a whole I must admit my experience with PSN was a positive one, and I would indeed be more inclined to make online purchases if I did not already have Xbox-live to pay for, it's worth it don't get me wrong but with regards to these price comparisons you would have to buy all the products listed and many more before you make that saving after paying for Xbox-live, the true comparison will start once Sony brings in the premium services.

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