3D Juegos | Splinter Cell: Conviction Review

3D Juegos: Hardcore fans of the series will no doubt hate the new direction Splinter Cell has taken, but the game is much improved and those wanting some action and silent tactics goodness will be pleased. Conviction does not rebuild the genre, but does a great job increasing its scope.

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Natsu X FairyTail3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

Expected that score! BUENOS!

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boodybandit3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

another troll lacking attention in his/her life.
How sad must your life be to troll gaming sites shouting spoilers. I mean really? This is how you amuse yourself? Truly pathetic.

On topic:
I have a feeling opinions are going to vary on this game because of the elements that have changed from the series to make it more user friendly. I am going to play the game regardless and check it out for myself. At the end of the day mine is the only opinion that matters, at least to me.

BeaArthur3110d ago

This website is a joke.

xaviertooth3110d ago

if im a microsoft stockholder, i would fire greenturd they are wasting my money buying reviewers instead of making great games.

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lh_swe3110d ago

You are a angsty teen fanboy below the legal age to buy stock.

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Akagi3110d ago

Good score.

Would have been better if Xbox fanboys didn't hype it so much. Oh well.

seinfan3110d ago

What's preventing a better score is that the game is short. The first SC game was solely dedicated to single-player, and it's a shame that most games have strayed away from it in favor of MP. It's not bad to have MP, but with the limited disc space that the 360 has, I think they should have put more emphasis on single-player.

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