Splinter Cell: Conviction - Scores A+ (Baxy-Z)

A portion of a Baxy-Z review:

"To sum up everything great about Splinter Cell: Conviction is nearly impossible. I've already rambled on for far too long and there's still many great features I've not even touched upon. When (not if) you buy the game, there's a great deal of surprises and fun waiting around the corner and it's hard not to recommend to anyone who enjoys games. The quality throughout never drops and the game's length, although slightly questionable at times, easily justifies the purchase. Splinter Cell: Conviction is easily the best Splinter Cell game to date and most certainly a contender for game of the year."


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-MD-3114d ago

Yeah it seems that way with all the 9's and 10's rolling in. Now I'm excited to get my hands on it.