5 Reasons You'll Hate the PlayStation Move Motion Controller

Associatedcontent: PlayStation's new motion controller, the PlayStation Move, is a cool new gadget for the PS3, but everything about it isn't A-OK. While having motion controls on the PS3 sounds awesome there are several bad things you'll hate about the PlayStation Move.

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WildArmed3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

Really? Your b!tching about the sphere?

and for the record.. i don't remember the last time i played a 4-player game on one console.

I've played in 2s, but never 3s n 4s (and yes this includes the wii).

oh, yeah i remember one.. Super Smash bros.. but guess what? THere was no motion gaming involved. =/

Launch title hate is understandable.. but wait! E3 hasnt come yet >.>

Price.. OMG THINGS COST MONEYZ!? Anyone see how evil Sony is for charging us?

The only reason why I could hate PS Move/Natal/Wii motes is when they take hardcore games that are meant for controllers and use these new 'controllers'.
Ala Fable 3, i really dont know how they are going to implement Natal at this point.

Meh, either way. PS move isn't really moving me.. at this point in time i rather buy games that i've been holding out on then invest in an peripheral.

cry from the sky3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

ps move looks amazing. giant footpalm

jjacinto233113d ago

he's very educated as a no one

exnihilonihilfit3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

1. Seeing as how the glow sphere is what makes it so precise, it's not only great, it's freaking ingenious. Also, that the color can change on the fly adds an interesting new level of feedback. Apparently this guy couldn't take his eye off of it, but I'm sure that it's not ridiculously blinding, so it shouldn't be a problem.

2. The article which he links to as proof that you can't have more than 3 players actually says:

"Does this mean that four players can't enjoy PlayStation Move titles at once? Absolutely not. Each player could use a single Move controller, much like some Wii titles need only the Wiimote."

The problem is that the PS3 can't support more than 7 bluetooth connections. So you can't use both the move and it's sub controller at the same time, but most games that would have you use 4 Move's probably won't also use the sub controller as 4 player games tend not to be fully 3D enivoronments. Also, there just aren't that many 4 player games. Not only that, but eventually they'll probably just design the secondary controller so that it routes information through another controller, limiting the number of connections needed to have both the Move and it's sub controller. Either that, or they could easily make a USB peripheral that increases the number of bluetooth connections.

3. Wait for E3 & don't forget the back catalogue of games that will be updated to work with move.

4. I can't really speak to that as I haven't used it, but the fact that it's lighter isn't a drawback in my mind.

5. Well that's just the price of doing business. I hate having to pay for anything, that's nothing new, and not unique to this

ChozenWoan3113d ago

It's not on your console of choice.

PSMove is designed for casual and hardcore gaming. It's the best of Natal mixed with everything the Wiimote promised. What's not to love.

Tachyon_Nova3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

Anyone else detecting huge levels of BS coming from this article? Realistically, how many people have room for 4 people to flail about without smacking each other in the face in front of their TV? A small percentage I would think.

SaiyanFury3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

A few of the points fail to inspire me to dislike the PS Move.

First: The glowing sphere. Really? Is that the best and number one point the author can make? I already own a PS Eye camera to play around with various games on PSN. It tracks so close to 1:1 with the *hated* glowing orb, that it's more precise than pretty much anything else on the market. Sorry, I won't judge the PS Move solely on the nasty glowing orb.

Second: No four player support. Again; really? I don't play multiplayer games. I don't care about playing with other people, I've rarely done so before and I don't think I'm about to in the future.

Third: Cheap feel. I've never felt it, but even if it has a lack of heft, isn't a lighter motion device better than a heavy one? If you're moving your arms around for game input, is a heavier device better? You'd think a lack of weight is a better thing so it doesn't tire you out as fast.

Fourth: I can't say anything about the launch games as I know little about them.

Fifth: OK so Sony is charging 100 dollars for the starter pack which comes with the 40 dollar PS Eye camera and the motion controller. What, does the author expect the stuff for free? Sony has spent millions developing this setup, and they're supposed to just give it away for nothing? Considering that Microsoft charges 100 dollars just for it's wireless network adapter, a cheap technology that's available for free on even the Wii, that's kind of a moot point. My point is, if MS makes people pay 100 dollars for a cheap technology that is available for free on the other consoles; is 100 dollars for a pack that potential players may not own yet really that high of a price?

While I may not be completely interested in Sony's PS Move controller, the reasons listed in the article are not really criteria to judge it against. Simple logic wins over opinion every time.

sikbeta3113d ago

1·IF you hate Sony, you hate everything the Company makes
2·IF you are "da Hardcore gamer", you'll hate it cuz is not da hardcore controller
3·IF you are a N-wii supporter, you'll hate it cuz it's "da copycatz"
4·IF you hate it and don't have a Reason, you're hating for the sake of Hate
5·IF you are Tired of This Motion-control-hype-trend and you only can think about how the games will become gimmick-crap thanks to motion-control, you probably hate the thing, but the Best Thing everyone needs to do is Wait for The Final Product and see what happen...

Rainstorm813113d ago

"I enjoy writing edgy and and sometimes warped articles"

Nuff Said......& yes thats two ands for the FAIL

Anon19743113d ago

What a terrible "article". Some kid, slamming a add on he's never even touched, complaining about features he's never played, commenting on games that aren't finished.

The ball glows. Waaaah!
I don't like the games. Waaaah!
4 player support isn't supported. O really?

What a fail article. When you look at criticism of Natal, we have witnessed latency issues which are a concern, developers have voiced their worries with the product and we've only seen one game demoed, that Ricochet game. Those comments are actually based on something.

This article isn't. I suggest you go back to the drawing board with your Move hate and come up with something better than this.

Christopher3113d ago

My #1 issue: if it takes off, everyone will try to implement it and most companies will implement in some half-arsed manner that makes you wonder why you even have a Move since the controller ends up being easier and better in the end. I think the 'hype' of motion controllers initially will just lead to some really poor implementations.

SPACEBALL 13113d ago

i will hate it because i hate the wii... move is nothing but a wii rip-off, so of course i will hate it.

Hideo_Kojima3113d ago

They are not giving you just a camera and the motion controller...
The bundle includes a controller a game and the camera for $100

So $40 for the camera $40 for the game and am guessing each controller may be $20-30 each.

Very reasonable.

Darkstorn3113d ago

I'm not a fan of motion control, so I also 'hate' Natal and the Wiimote, as well as Playstation Move.

Commander TK3113d ago

Why cannot u people accept that other people have different opinions than u? Let me guess. If this was about Natal, then u would have agreed, right? Hypocrisy at its best

WildArmed3113d ago

If he has his opinion, we have an opinion about his opinion.

If having an opinion labels you as a fanboy, then i hope it helps you sleep better at night.

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mushroomwig3113d ago

'The $100 starter package is low, but the hate will set in when you start to calculate the cost of additional PlayStation Move peripherals.'

Wait, so the price will increase if you decide to buy more than one? Holy Hell Batman, I've never heard of that happening before.

WildArmed3113d ago

Think about it.
if you and your brother want to play Demons Souls together..
you'll need 2 ps3s.

So they force you to buy 2 ps3s, so the price goes up!?


mushroomwig3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

Exactly, it's no different than being "forced" to buy an extra DS controller or two, of course the price will increase. Silly article.

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kraze073113d ago

It's a motion controller. I'll take a Gamepad/KB+M over a motion controller anyday.

MGOelite3113d ago

1. Better than Natal (judging by this artilce)

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