PlayStation Move Vs. Wii Remote: Competitor, Killer or Rip-off?

Associatedcontent: The PlayStation 3's attempt at motion controlled gaming is a shameless attempt to take some of Nintendo's shine. With Microsoft following suit, it's hard to tell if the PlayStation Move will compete, rip-off or put the Nintendo Wii on ice.

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WildArmed3164d ago

hey! Your late to the party.

Did you miss those 500 articles that we got on N4G during GDC, or last E3?

btw, i see this author has some flame bait articles going on.
This aritcle and

ChozenWoan3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

and notice how quickly that one is heating up.

ohh well, just another day on N4G.

PSMove is not a Wii killer. Nintendo has lots of exclusive IPs that will keep them in the fight... which is why I wont comment on the other console that is launching it's motion controller.

RageAgainstTheMShine3162d ago (Edited 3162d ago )

any he has been there for the longest time and no one ever give a crap about him so he resorts to being a low life and incriminate himself.
Just ignore this guy. He is a waste of precious time.