Fallout: New Vegas – A Wishlist

Koku writes: "It takes an incredible game to snag someone who has never heard of the series on the third installment. It takes an even more incredible game to take that same fan and make him into an obsessive fan. The game I'm speaking of is Bethesda's Fallout 3. This coming Autumn, fans of the game series will have one thing to look forward to above all else, and that one things is Fallout: New Vegas by Obsidian. Though some people are skeptical about the change in developer, those who know the history behind Obsidian know that aside from making two excellent games in Knights of the Old Republic II and Neverwinter Nights II, Obsidian's top developers and creative minds originally stem from Black Isle Studios, who gave us the first two installments of the series. Needless to say, the game is in trustworthy hands."

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GCO Gamer3207d ago

I'm just wishing for better visuals.

Therealspy033207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

i was going to say a new engine. i love fallout 3, but the engine is really showing its age.

ZombieAutopsy3207d ago

I'm fine with the visuals i just want a better frame-rate.

sid4gamerfreak3206d ago

fallout 3 was awesome in terms of gameplay, i really hope fallout new vegas will do something similar or even better to the gameplay. The shooting mechanics could definitely improve and maybe the visuals...

Megaton3206d ago

Judging by what's been shown, it's graphically identical to Fallout 3. Bethesda needs to overhaul that damn engine (I know Obsidian is making it, but it's Bethesda's engine). Fallout 3 was the most glitched up game I have ever played in the 20+ years I've been gaming, betas included.

Gestalt3205d ago

Indeed. The Gamebryo engine is horribly bugged. Can barely get Fallout 3 to run at medium settings even though my PC is far beyond it, and it crashes more than I'd like it to.

Please, Bethesda, or Oblivion Entertainment. Just please use a new engine. I'm tired of stale graphics with horrible performance; your games are great, but they don't ALL have to use this engine, do they?

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elicymet3207d ago

Personally I really hope they bolster the idea of New Vegas with solid story work; it has so much potential to add to the already rich Fallout universe

Ziriux3207d ago

I'd like to see a more indepth story than Fallout 3, it wasn't bad but short in my opinion.

Therealspy033207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

I agree sorta. the story is sound, but the way it's told is very blatent. there's no subtlety. it doesn't bring you into the elements, it just hands them to you. which is what most games and movies and tv shows do these days.

i was watching the last few episodes of the series 'Boston Legal' and one of the characters made a really interesting point. the reason why plot and story are so dumbed down in modern entertainment is because our generation (basically anyone under 50) is obsessed with being constantly connected. which means constant cell phone use and computer use. and because of that, entertainment has to be easier to understand. we have evolved into multi-taskers. we aren't the same people who sat in front of a radio with family to listen to the latest radio show. we do facebook on cell phones while using stumble upon and watching tv at the same time.

i don't know if i think this is a good thing. i mean it's great we have the ability to do multiple things that all involve often complex cognitive effort, but i wonder if we aren't sacrificing a very important aspect of what makes us human...creativity.

GUCommander3207d ago

I personally think "Downloadable Content that integrates seamlessly" would be the best thing they could do on this list. It pissed me off a lot that there was so much disconnection between the game and the expansions. It was cool, but at the same time, it sucked.

Ziriux3207d ago

Yea, they should have done it like Oblivion, that was a great game with it's DLC.

gameseveryday3207d ago

I was not a big fan of Fallout 3, and my hopes are not high for this one :)

arsenal553207d ago

heres a wish.. elder scrolls 5

CountDracula3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

Yeah I'll wake you up in about ten years arsenal55 for that dream to come true.

DJKGBYF3207d ago

So which do you want to bet will come out first, HL2 Episode 3 or The Elder Scrolls 5?

CountDracula3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

Actually I'm kinda hoping that Half Life 2 Episode three will come out with Portal 2 as a kind of orange box 2.

But I'm also willing to bet that Bethesda is hard at work with Elder Scrolls 5 and we'll probably see a sneak peek of it during this yea'rs E3.

I bet Elder scrolls 5 will come out first, because odds are that Valve is going to postpone the game even further until they have enough content for another Orange box release.

You just know that Half life ep3 is going to clock at around 5-6 hours, just to be left with another cliff hanger that we will have to wait at least 5 more years to see resolved. gasp!

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