New Modern Warfare 2 Glitch Plaguing Xbox Live Users

It was only a matter of time until a new Modern Warfare 2 glitch was found, and exploited. We have seen the likes of the Suicide Bombing glitch, the Ice Skating, and the Private Match glitch. Not only have these exploits plagued the online portion of Modern Warfare 2, they have upset millions of gamers. This time, a new glitch has been uncovered, and is arguably the worst one yet!

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ConnorSmith3109d ago

I've tried it, It does work! unfortunately.....

ChrisW3108d ago

This is the reason why I plan to never buy MW2!

TrevorPhillips3109d ago

I gave up on Modern Glitchfare 2 ages ago.

ConnorSmith3109d ago

You're not the only one...!

sumo3113109d ago

glitchfare lol, thats a new one, and accurate!

blitz06233109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Sooo... just XBL? What about PSN?

OT: Now that IW has lost its key employees, I don't know what to expect from the next CoD

Parapraxis3109d ago

blitz0623 , maybe this one is an MS "exclusive" ;)

Nishka Fa Fa La Boo3109d ago

Why would you ask if it's on PSN? Did you read the article? It's plaguing Xbox Live users, NOT PSN. I mean how dumb can you really be? My 7 year old sister could of figured that one out. It's amazing that some people on this website can't outdo a 2nd grader lol. :)

Cyorg3109d ago

Infinity Ward and Activision need to issue an official apology to gamers for releasing such a broken game. It's a shame, too, because I really loved the first Modern Warfare.

blitz06233109d ago

Wow you sure talk like you know everything huh?

I'm just curious since this glitch can certainly affect the PSN community. Sure the article talks about the XBL base, but this glitch certainly isn't 360 exclusive, so I'm just wondering why it hasn't gotten to PSN yet.

You're one pathetic girl, but in reality you're a guy who wants a girl but can't have one.

cmrbe3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

i think is new.

1. This article is in the PS3 section as well.
2. MWF2 is a multi-plat game and there is chance this glitch will also affect PSN users so i really don't see any reason why asking if indeed there is a problem is a problem to you.
3. The article dosen't say that PSN users are not affected.

ClownBelt3109d ago

Guys guys leave Nishka Fa Fa La Boo alone. He got his period today(yes I said he). Lmao

BaSeBaLlKiD7213109d ago

Just because a glitch exists on XBL, doesn't mean it's also on PSN and vice versa. Both versions were built from ground up with different teams so chances are both do not have the same codes.

Boody-Bandit3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

I called him/her out a couple days ago and him/her has since unlinked the XBL account to his/her profile. She broke on to the scene calling GOW3 a meh game while talking up Ninja Blade and Bayonetta (the superior 360 version him/her words).

I found it odd that a new account was making these claims. Not so much Bayonetta but Ninja Blade. So I clicked on his/her profile and low and behold? No Ninja Blade or Bayonetta score under the XBL account linked. Not only that but it was a male avatar, male name and a male preference towards gaming. I have been gaming for over 30 years and know quite a few female gamers and none of them have his/her preferences in gaming.

Funny how you magically unlinked your XBL account before you even responded to my PM Nishka la FAKE.

On topic:
I too gave up on MW2 the day BFBC2 was released. The game is just too broken and unbalanced. Now that IW is falling apart it will never be fixed.

Rainstorm813109d ago

This is really getting pathetic........

N4BmpS3109d ago

I guess this is round two. Here we go again. Maybe the Ex-IW Devs might want to reconsider their lawsuit for the Modern Warfare title.

totallysane3109d ago

played it for 3 days, took it back to the video store and continued to play my oldies but goodies

Red Panda3109d ago

All the millions of people that support this game are pathetic. Just keep giving them you're money every time new DlC is released because quality doesn't matter right? No not at all. Just keep over pricing everything associated with this generic, arcade piece of crap and all the morons will gladly fork over their money. You all deserve what you get. But don't worry I'm sure one of the next 14 crap of duties will be made properly.

Syronicus3109d ago

What I find even funnier is that the idiot author of the article finds it necessary to add a link to the tutorial on how to perform the glitch. Yes, that is the best way to make people happy is to show them how to ruin a game even further. I feel sorry for you Xbox players since it seems you feel the brunt of the glitch fest but to even give hits to a guy willing to spread the glitch fest even further through their site, well that's just plain dumb.

execution173108d ago

for me which was awesome only payed $20 for it :P, and as for xbl i'll probably just onto cod4 again, at least those glitches have been patched up

jeseth3108d ago

I haven't played much MW2 since the Heavy Rain - GOW3 - MLB The Show - FF13 (Yes, I stuck with this mediocre abortion of the Final Fantasy Franchise and beat it...still doing side quests). Now with Red Dead coming soon and the Dragon Age Awakening add on I'm exited for (Loved Dragon Age), I'm not sure how much more MW2 I'll ever play.

Actvision turned COD into the Guitar Hero of shooters. Its getting milked to death and the quality is going downhill.

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Redlogic3109d ago

i can't understand how people could still play this hot mess of a video game. put the controllers down you crack addicts!! there are other games out there and if not go outside, play some sports, steal some puppies, kick some babies, anything but Modern B!tchfest 2!!

ConnorSmith3109d ago

well, even if you dont understand it, that doesnt change anything, people still do and ALWAYS will play it. The game isnt thaaat bad though, I mean its alright!

Solidus187-SCMilk3108d ago

and it was fun because noone knew the glitches. I wish there were no glitches and maybe it could be a little more simple like COD 4. Not soo many crazy killstreaks and no cheap stuff like heartbeat sensors. MOre balance too.

TrevorPhillips3109d ago

I barely play video games anymore, their are better things to do in life then just to play video games you know. Theirs the family, my beautiful g/f and college. :)

kaveti66163109d ago

True, but then why are you on a video game blog site?

Nishka Fa Fa La Boo3109d ago

thats great agent-x but like the person above says why are you even here? we dont care about your family, handgella, or your college. the irony is strong in your comment my friend.

AliTheBrit193109d ago


But you still find time to post on N4G?


execution173108d ago

i don't blame you i gotta split my time into college and gf, but i still tend to ignore her and go straight to gaming she doesn't care she does the same on the comp anyways ;)

thetruthinator3108d ago

Im an orphan who dropped out of high school. My girlfriends ugly too.

Ur an asshole

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ClownBelt3109d ago

Luckily I have the PS3 version. Lmao

Nishka Fa Fa La Boo3109d ago

well thats one less idiot we have to worry about lol.

kaveti66163109d ago

The slightly less smelly turd?

dead_eye3109d ago

make that two idiots you don't have to worry about. I'm on ps3 to and have to say I've only ever ran in to one glitcher on this game so must be on the 10 year olds on xbox that glitch. ha ha ha

execution173108d ago

lucky you to only find 1 glitcher, i found lots, sucked ass to protect some players because they were nuke boosting. i hate that game so much i' tempted to delete people of my friends list for playing such garbage

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