The Guild Life: What are you looking for?

Dan, from Gameolio, writes:

"... it did make me wonder why others play these massively multi-player online games. The social gamers seem, at least on my journey, to be the minority in what feels like an ocean of overly competitive behaviour. Now I can't sit there and say competitiveness is bad, because heck it drives a lot of us to be better, but it just seems that it can consume some to a point where social skills completely dissipate. While some of the guilds focused on building fun social events coupled with end-game raiding, there were others that simply needed you to fulfill a role and to do it well and that was that.

In the end it's a game and we choose our game, however you want to play it. So in saying this I would love to read your feedback. What do you look for in a guild/clan and an online experience as a whole? Are the other people playing amongst you simply a means of competition? Do you prefer the social aspect? Do you enjoy both in equal levels? Is there another side of the guild/clan life that you enjoy? Or perhaps there is a reason why you avoid guilds/clans altogether."

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