Original-Gamer: Splinter Cell Conviction Review

O.G. writes "Even with a short single player mode, Splinter Cell: Conviction has everything going for it. It may not be the game Splinter Cell fans were hoping for, but it is the game that anyone who enjoys stealth games needs to buy."

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GamingBuddha093111d ago

im not too big fan of sam fisher but i am glad that they brought back spies vs mercs.

4Sh0w3111d ago

however I've never seen this site before so I hope we'll see some great scores from the big websites too.

NewZealander3111d ago

such a shame about the length, now before i get jumped on i own both consoles but still prefer 360 but have no fanboyism towards either console, but there is no way im going to support a dev that puts out a five hour sub hd game, the graphics are not even that good and the screen tear is horrible.

i had a lot of respect for ubi before this, and i cant understand why reviewers aren't slamming the game for its short comings.

armycore3111d ago

It's right there in the review. Reminds me of how Modern Warfare has such short campaign, but still good, and it's all about multiplayer. It's a change, and of course, some people don't like change.

NewZealander3111d ago

the problem for me is i dont like multi player, there are alot of people like me that would only want to play the campaign.

if i had bought this without knowing how short it was i would be so disappointed, im glad i didn't pre order this one.

Natsu X FairyTail3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

Where the Hate at now?

I'm getting this game early in the morning tommowrow and probably will get my copy signed by the Ubisoft Montreal crew.


2 Disagrees? lol PS3 fangurls smh.

Blaze9293111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

Amazon order shipped earlier this morning. Can't wait to play it tomorrow!...then beat it by evening ¬_¬...

xTruthx3111d ago

Natsu X FairyTail

Just because some 1 disagrees with you you think their PS3 fanboys ? Plz grow up

Bathyj3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

NewZealander is right. Its way to short, and not everyone cares about online, which is just lazy game design anyway, not having to make set pieces or place AI or anything like that, and Splinter Cell is a single player game foremost.

I'm sure the game is great and I'm still getting it, I see it as having alot of replayability having put maybe 4 hours into the demo already, but the length is bordering on ridiculous.

Especially when the game was delayed so much. Its like a pizza guy turning up, "Sorry I'm an hour late, but at least its cold."

I can tell you this for damn sure, if it was a PS3 it would be an uproar. Tell me I'm wrong. "Where is the power of Bluray now?" they would be saying. I'd be interested to see if that disc is full. If it is, thanks alot DVD, theres no room for levels, if its not, why the hell not, fill it up.

I dont think this game should be condemned for its length, its the quality of the experience not the length, but I dont think it should be getting a complete pass either.

My only hope is, the time reviewers give a game, never seems to be what I finish it in. Maybe they speedrun, maybe I'm just crap, but Heavanly Sword didnt take me 6 hours, GoW didnt take me 8. When you account for loading, movies, dying, retrys, I swear I take double what they say. I'm guessing I'll still get 10 good hours out of the campain and then go onto co-op (offline) which sounds pretty good.

But surely this is it, this has to be as short as a game can get. You people dont realise, we keep accepting everything and next year it will be 4 hour games.

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tmj3111d ago

I hate what they did with the stealth. Dumbed it down for everyone else.

Major Kanimo3111d ago

you can be stealthy if you want, or you can go in guns blazing.

there are not as many restrictions as the first few splinter cells if you wana shoot up the room u can now (probs cause u can carry more then 5 bullets lol)

armycore3111d ago

I may have to get the game now. Hopefully I won't have to wait week for gamefly to send me one.

Ugly Bob3111d ago

Screw this, my money is going to Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.

Def Warrant3111d ago

Amen to that. Glad there are still wise gamers left.

Natsu X FairyTail3111d ago

So I'm not wise because I'm getting a game I've been waiting for? what If I get both? does that make me Half wise?


Lionhead3111d ago

Get both then?

Who cares, you sound defensive.

Nishka Fa Fa La Boo3111d ago

he sounds defensive because the two idiots above him went completely off topic. who cares if idiot 1 is getting peace walker? yeah, that didnt come across your mind did it? lol dummy :P :)

Lionhead3111d ago

Report it then like I did

He felt the need to respond anyway, so yeah he is sounding defensive.

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A change in the wind3111d ago

"It may not be the game Splinter Cell fans were hoping for"
Yet, it gets a big fat 9. Imagine if God of War 3 wasn`t "the game God of War fans were hoping for," it would be getting 7`s across the board, and the "reviewers" would rip it a new one. Typical, 360 games get a free pass, while PS3 games have to set a new benchmark every single time just for a decent score.

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