IGN: Nintendo Voice Chat Podcast, Episode 72

Joining the usual quartet of idiots (Craig Harris, Sam Claiborn, Scott Bromley, and Jack DeVries) is the lovely and charming Jessica Chobot. She had no idea what she was getting into.

Topics this week include Super Mario Galaxy 2, Pokemon Black and White, and not one, but two, crazy reader mail features!

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tunaks13111d ago

don't bother listening,
nothing remotely interesting

CoffeewithChess3111d ago

I've been listening since January, on a steady basis.
I don't listen because I like it, but I listen because I'm trying to figure out what other people like about it.

They rarely pick a topic and stick to it, and they ramble/babble about NOTHING forever.

I'm surprised the biggest gaming website on the internet, has such a junky podcast.

hatchimatchi3110d ago

Craig tries to keep it focused on topics but the other two guys have ADD.

EvilTwin3111d ago

Summary here:


(Why bring up 3D Dot Heroes? "Hey, lets talk about a PS3 exclusive in the Nintendo podcast." "Great idea!")