Gamereactor (Sweden): Splinter Cell:Conviction Review

Gamereactor writes "Splinter Cell: Conviction is not quite what I had expected that the game series would have evolved into.Some learning may be difficult to reconcile themselves with the more action-emphasized approach and deliver the document may not be quite as I had hoped for. But it does not matter when Sam Fisher's new way is so cool and interesting.Whether you prefer hard-boiled action with unconscious anger, or feeling full cowering among the shadows of the hard guarded military bases, this is for you."

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Hank Hill3110d ago

Is this score high enough fanboys?

lokiroo4203110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

Only fanboys speak of other fanboys.

TheColbertinator3110d ago

Fanboys don't exist on N4G fortunately.

Not getting Splinter Cell Conviction yet but I will definitely get it if Spies v Mercs is released.

Fanb0y3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

No fanboys. Only extremists.

I'm really getting mixed observations on this game. IGN said 5 hours. People with the game on forums (including Neogaf) are saying about 8 hours. No reports on the length of the co-op campaign.

God... I'm so torn between whether I should rent or buy.

eggbert3110d ago

Just rent it, and if it is really good, then buy it afterwards?

XxRoosterxX3110d ago

only fanboys speak of other fanboys who call other people fanboys!!!!

HolyOrangeCows3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

Only fanboys speak of other fanboys who call other people fanboys who sp....wait, doesn't that in turn make me one?! Oh no.....I...I gotta go shower.
But seriously, it usually takes a fanboy to have the first instinct to mention fanboys.

The AI, lack of content, and lack of polish in some areas are going to shy me away from getting it full priced, but I might give it a go when I can get it cheap. Used...Ubisoft isn't getting MY money.

MagicAccent3110d ago

I trust GameReactor with reviewing like I'd trust monkey with a 2 million dollar banana(no offence to any monkeys reading this).

Just saying..

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tatotiburon3110d ago

lol all SCC bad reviews need google translate.

Biggest3110d ago

It's pretty weird that the native English speaking reviewers are giving it the high scores and the other reviewers are giving it good scores. There aren't any other products or services viewed that way in relation to gaming.

baum3110d ago

I'm guessing they were only able to make duffel bags in english which offended non-english speaking reviewers and forced them to be honest (as if that wasn't their job to begin with).

clarkjudo3110d ago

I am not sure why this got only 8/10. Yet, the truth is in small print. Look at the bottom of the "review".

Mikael Sundberg (Translated)
"Sam Fisher is angry. Sacred pissed. Life is shattered and he is betrayed by all accurate. This leads to a rock hard action adventure where Sam breaks leg, breaking necks and shooting silent well-placed shots to both the right and left. The story feels closer than ever, gaming control has been refined to an absurd and the graphics are gorgeous. Splinter Cell: Conviction is exactly the relaunch of the series so badly needed. 9 / 10"

Obama3110d ago

It's probably second opinion. But ouch..I actually expect the review scores to be a bit higher.

ikral3110d ago

I just started Chaos Theory, and after I finish Double Agent (which I dont have yet) there is a good chance there will bee Conviction available for my PS3. You see, there is no need to rush. There are other things to do besides gaming, like living.

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