PlayStation Move vs. Nintendo Wii: Under the Hood

Digital Trends writes: On the surface, Sony's new PlayStation Move looks like an obvious Nintendo Wii copycat, but things aren't as simple under the hood. Here's why Sony's upcoming PlayStation Move system will offer the most precise motion control to date.

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skare133111d ago

I want hits on my article so I will post stuff like this.
I just want to say it is hard to say what,s what
one will be out for 4 years
the other isn't out yet
I'm feeding the monster

ChozenWoan3111d ago

I was one second away from feeding the hit counter when I decided to check the comments first. lol. Of coarse I already know the basic differences, but I was hoping that this was like a digital foundry type tech analysis of the two.

Ohh well... time for me to move along.

nintendostar3111d ago

Why is the Move being constantly only compared to the Wiimote and not wii motion plus? This is Sony's second time trying motion controls on the PS# not the first.

gii bro3111d ago

What a load of coc & ball, just like the Move.