MMOHut: RuneScape Adds New Dungeoneering Skill

MMOHut, "RuneScape has added the Dungeoneering skill, available for all players (including free to play). The update is one of the largest to date in terms of environment size. The skill allows players to venture either alone or with a group into the dungeons of Daemonheim, facing enemies..."

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Torkith3114d ago

A fair amount of the game is offered free, sure it's what $7 a month for members? Which has so much content and updates monthly? It's not that bad.

ZombieAutopsy3114d ago

Runescape started to go downhill after they took out a bunch of content and stopped allowing you do to certain things, not that it was ever that great of a game but for being a free MMO that anyone with a computer could play its wasn't that bad.