Zampella: MW3 "held hostage" accusations are "false and outrageous"

Vince Zampella, the newly made General Manager of upstart Respawn Entertainment, has said that accusations of him and fellow ex-head of Infinity Ward Jason West "holding hostage" the development of Modern Warfare 3 are "false".

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JoelR3200d ago

"Zampella would only say the ---> clams <--- were “false and outrageous and that’s all we really have to say about it.” "

this whole situation is a farce... This is the reason we have lawyers draw up contracts, to avoid he said, she said situations such as this mess. I suspect that both parties are wrong to an extent and I know that we will never hear the whole story.

scar203200d ago

i will only buy mw3 if iw makes it and there is no activision logo on it