A new Silent Hill: Should We Care?

Konami has apparently teased a follow-up to recent Silent Hills Homecoming and Shattered Memories, with more details apparently to be revealed at E3. As fans of serious, intelligent horror, a few years ago nothing would have excited GamesRadar more than this reveal. But these days they are massively ambivalent. Here's why.

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Jedward-3111d ago

Yes we should care cause the first two were awesome and they will eventually hit that sweet spot again.

Snoogins3111d ago

Yes, because it isn't coming from some garbage North American studio (what the hell does the American mainstream know about horror anymore?).

No, because it's from an unproven studio and NOT Team Silent.

I've pretty much disowned the franchise, which used to be one of my favorites, because of its offerings this generation.

Foxgod3111d ago

I want Suikoden =(
How many years has it been since part 5 of the last real rpg series left.

CountDracula3111d ago

If it's anything like SH2 then yes. (and maaaybe SH: Shattered Memories)


Dead_Cell3111d ago

The only horror game to actually creep me out, amazing atmospheric games.

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