AusGamers: Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer Hands-On


Despite being absolutely pumped for the single-player element of Red Dead Redemption, I've been reticent to get my hopes up for the multiplayer portion. This is largely due to GTA IV's lacking multiplayer component which essentially underwhelmed players across the board. But Rockstar being Rockstar, invited us out to get an early look at Red Dead's multiplayer, knowing full well they had an ace up their sleeve, like some sleazy dishevelled saloon bar poker cheat.

Let me first up start with a wow. Seriously wow. The multiplayer modes we played throughout the day were fun, enjoyable and definitely post-worthy, but by and large, they're essentially Red Dead-ified versions of modes we see in pretty much every other game. However, prior to actually getting into any of these, comes the wow factor. Instead of lining up in list form in a boring game lobby, Red Dead Redemption has Free Roam; ostensibly an interactive game lobby for up to 16 players where posses of up to eight can form and do whatever they like.

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Myst3110d ago

Gonna flip a coin as to whether I should get this or not, really not to sure yet...I'd probably have the money for it by the time it comes out.