No Dpad: Silent Sword ZERO Review

No Dpad:

Silent Swords ZERO by Oniric Games was just released into the App Store. Fans of the little ninja clamored for more stealth action so a prequel to the runaway hit Silent Swords for the iPod Touch was born. The cutest, but deadliest stealth ninja of them all is back in an all new adventure. Solve 25 levels in the main quest, but this time they are located in different settings as the story unfolds explaining why our hero had to escape the prison.

There are three different new locations in this installment. Jump, slice and dice, and shuriken your way through the underground mines, snowy mountains, and the ruins of the temple, always taking special care to avoid detection by the guards and new characters unique to their locations in the game. One stumble under the light and as players of the first game know all too well, it is lights out for the little ninja. A new twist awaits you as civilians are present on many levels but according to the Ninja's Code they can not be harmed.

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