No Dpad: Labyrinth 2 HD Review

No Dpad:

Labyrinth 2 on the iPhone was a huge success, a game that re-invented marble rollers on the iPhone. It was definitely one of my favorite games on the iPhone, and the potentially unlimited content kept me going and going and going… you get the point. And with the arrival of Labyrinth 2 on the iPad, things just got 10 times bigger and better.

And again, people ask the same question: what's different? While Touchgrind HD was hard to distinguish with what was new, Labyrinth 2 is clear cut: new levels made specifically for the iPad, more obstacles on one screen, and HD graphics for even the iPhone levels. Labyrinth 2 doesn't exactly take advantage of every single aspect of the 9.7 inch screen though, but still, it's a game worth buying.

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