Leaked Halo: Reach Pre-Beta Pictures & Video

Apparently someone got their Halo: Reach Pre-beta code early and has decided to post some shots to prove it along with the pictures we can see some new details unveiled and the Beata UI. Take a look at the pictures found at the Gametrailer forums.

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SpaceSquirrel3111d ago

Halo Reach is looking awesome so far even though it is only beta.

young juice3111d ago

it does look pretty awesome, gonna be huge competition for sony

-Alpha3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

Bungie treats all its big titles with the love and care we've come to expect from them.

The single player is using a new engine
The approach is more sandbox for AI
The world is more open
It's a different, darker story
The graphics look artistically gorgeous
The multiplayer is getting a serious makeover
The multiplayer is going through the extensive beta testing that made #3 the most popular online title ever

Single player is getting a big focus and multiplayer is Bungie's expertise. Unless something goes horribly wrong this is a shoe in title for GOTY. Unlike IW they are beta testing through in numerous phases and are leaving room before release to implement changes based on user feedback. Bungie deserves a lot of respect for not being greedy douches who turn their backs on fans like IW did. Bungie really cares for its community and have shown it constantly.


It's a prediction based on what is known for the year, relax. People are allowed to have predictions. People predicted UC2 last year long before the game released and look how that turned out.

Edit: Stealth? I edited my comment as you were writing yours, so please get your facts straight. If I was going to stealth I would have denied writing what I wrote instead of justifying it like I did above. Like I said, it's a prediction based on what is known for the year and what is known from how Bungie operates. If some big game is announced at E3 that will come out for this year then I'll be happy to reserve judgment.

Actually, I apologize for saying it's "guaranteed GOTY" and then saying it's a prediction because that is contradictory. Sorry for the confusion. I am certain this will be GOTY based on what is already known and I see no foreseeable game for 2010 that can compete with Reach/Bungie. I didn't mean to "guarantee" it as if its fact, just that based on what is known it's most likely. That's why I edited my comment, but that was during/before you wrote your comment.

Hank Hill3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

I love how people claim a game to be GOTY in April without even playing it and without knowing what else will be revealed for this year at E3 and in this case this guy "guarantees" it. Pure hilarity.

EDIT: Nice stealth edit Alpha, your comment originally said you guarantee Halo Reach to be GOTY.

EDIT: Alpha, they also predicted ODST to be GOTY.

Valkyre3111d ago

Alpha-male is funny :)

LordMarius3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

@ the 1st 3 commenters:

No its not

Edit: disagree all you want, you know Im right

young juice3111d ago

soooo... its not gonna be huge competition for sony?

EvilBlackCat3111d ago

a video released means


Gamer7l3111d ago

I agree.....I LOL'd at Sony fanboys doing the EXACT same thing, with Heavy Rain and GOW3. :)

Simon_Brezhnev3111d ago

alpha is just like Dexter Morgan u love to act and pretend but we know who u really are.

-Alpha3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

Actually, a couple corrections:

Dexter doesn't love to act or pretend. In fact, he hates it, but he has to do it to fit in and to hide his identity. Why do you think his consciousness, illustrated by his dead father always warns him against putting on a public face towards Rita, the kids, and others in society?

Second, regardless of who you think I am doesn't change the context or invalidate what I say as Alpha-Male. I can be Hitler, Bungie, Osama Bin Laden, or Homer Simpson for all I care, but if I say something then I expect you to actually make a relevant response to what I say. At least Hank Hill called me out on making a judgmental snobby comment (which I edited before I read his comment anyway). I make a judgment call that Reach will be GOTY based on reasoning. No one had a problem last year when Uncharted 2 was hyped to be GOTY, yet the amount of hate against a Halo title on this site or anything positive for the 360 clearly shows the double standard around here.

Valkyre3110d ago

... i still think you are funny!

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hamoor3111d ago

i was hoping for some gameplay in that video :(

movements3111d ago

Halo: Reach = impending awesomeness!

Jedward-3111d ago

Oops bet they wish these were not leaked they look like sh!t.

JOLLY13111d ago

So you admit Halo 3 was a true 3 and not a 2.5?

CryWolf3111d ago

Halo Reach is Halo 2.5 sill a piece of sh!t with out of date graphics.

Fishy Fingers3111d ago

First line of the first screen, "Keep it secret". Nice menu screen.

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