Commandos 4 Spotted, Again

A second listing in three days has been spotted for Commandos 4, an unannounced title in the franchise.

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SpaceSquirrel4551d ago

No PC? That's interesting.

mjolliffe4551d ago

I expect it will.

But then again, if it's an FPS like Commandos: Strike Force was, then I wouldn't be surprised if they go for the console alone :)

movements4551d ago

Well I only game on consoles, no problem for me : )

FunksoBro4550d ago

yes please! i loved the original commandos and played commandes 2 to death, but i dont know why they messed up number 3. hopefully theyll get it right this time.

Towers764550d ago

I hope this rumor is true because I really liked the first Commandos game quite a bit. It would be nice to see the series comeback.

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