Football Manager Handheld 2010 for iPod touch and iPhone

Miles Jacobson of Sports Interactive has issued the following statement on the company's forum in regards to Football Manager Handheld 2010:

"Over the last few months, the most asked question of me on Twitter and Facebook has been "when is Football Manager coming to iPhone/iPod", and I've confidently pointed out that it wasn't coming.

When people have asked "when is Football Manager Handheld coming to iPhone/iPod" I've been very quiet.

I am beyond excited to be able to announce today that FMH2010 is coming to iPhone and iPod touch. And even more excited to be able to announce that what has been our best kept secret ever, it's coming out in the next 48 hours!

We don't know exactly when it will be available in the apps store, although we've set a midnight local time release for tonight - it takes a while for all servers to propagate though, hence me saying it'll be live in the next 48 hours."

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