Kojima gives more vague hints at next project

Metal Gear Solid creator, Hideo Kojima gives more vague hints about his next project.

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movements3110d ago

I want ANYTHING Kojima is working on! Anything!

mjolliffe3110d ago

Even Hello Kitty?

Although, I'm sure he could make it interesting in some way :)

Blaster_Master3110d ago

I just read his twitterlonger and he mentions mechs. I sure hope its ZOE3.

va_bank3110d ago

"he mentions mechs"

Did he say if they will have a Toyota or a Nissan logo on them?

Eamon3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

Imagine a FISSION MAILED in Hello Kitty.

That would be freakin epic

SullyDrake3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

Zone Of The Enders 3, featuring a gay male lead. There are no inherently gay male leads in any games, really (Dragon Age and Mass Effect give you the choice, but that's not nearly as taboo as a character with a preselected sexuality), and Raiden's seemingly metrosexual design in a game led by strong masculine characters until that point (Big Boss and Snake in MG and MGS) was pretty taboo and controversial at the time. A gay male lead seems like the next step, and a boundary that Kojima alone has the balls to push and the talent to keep it relevant and tasteful.

Other than that, I can't think of anything that would be taboo enough for him to stake his reputation and job on it.

@ Blaster: Yes, I've played both games. Did you even read anything I wrote past "gay male lead"?

Western gaming is huge now. As it is, anime-based games that aren't FF don't do as well here because they don't go with the alpha-male stereotype grain. Kojima brilliantly went against the grain with Raiden in MGS2, who's to say he wouldn't go a step further in ZOE3?

I could care less, but the cool homophobe kids would disapprove. Hell, Microsoft bans gay gamers from XBL. Homosexuality is certainly still taboo in the world of gaming. So, how about you quit writing off my simple speculation just cuz you don't agree? It could be completely wrong, but that's why it's speculation, not rumor or prediction. Of course, I'm still doubtful you even read and thought about anything I wrote.

Blaster_Master3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

Did you even play these games? Just so you know, there is an actual story to ZOE. Im sure you noobs who like to cross dress would love to have such a luxury, but this isn't suited for noobs in the west. ZOE is suited towards gamers that have been gaming for longer then this generation.

The fact that you are a child, in the begining of ZOE1 negates the fact you need to care about what sex you are. Its a touching story that I would love to even see a ZOE movie. I would cry in happiness.

lil Titan3110d ago

Metal Gear Solid for iPhone? he didnt say what platform unless i misread, but in this installment we get to move around not like the first iPhone game

morganfell3110d ago

There exists the possibility that the taboo of which he speaks may be more localized in nature.

Hero of the game is burakumin?

hay3110d ago

@mjolliffe: He'd make Hello Kitty awesome...

ThanatosDMC3110d ago

I hope it's ZOE3 and utilizing PS3 power.

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-Mezzo-3110d ago

Can't wait for a Full Reveal. ( Zone Of The Enders )

frankymv3110d ago

It will be for the next generation of consoles

frankymv3110d ago

Kojima takes light years to develop a game

MajestieBeast3110d ago

The secret ps3 exclusive at e3 ZOE3?

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