IGN: Ghost Recon: Future Soldier First Look

War never changes. Well, sometimes it does; over nine years Ubisoft has transformed the Ghost Recon series from a serious-minded tactical shooter to one of the HD generation's early trailblazers and now to this, a game that accentuates the action and introduces an all-new co-op mechanic. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is a departure from what has gone before, and it's a refresh that's as radical as Sam Fisher's recent turn in Splinter Cell Conviction.

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Blaster_Master3115d ago

The first thing I check when I read this article is if the ps3 is gonna have voice chat? There wasn't VC in the last one so, thats why i didnt like it.

Fanb0y3115d ago

Your are not going to be impressed with the graphics. It runs at 60fps.

I wonder why they made that decision though. I always knew ghost recon as a slower, more tactical game. There's no need for such a high frame-rate.

And to anyone who says the game will look cruddy because it's also out on the Xbox... I will hunt down your mom. Lets keep discussions relatively clean here.

Def Warrant3115d ago

I beleive the Modern Glitchfest 2 effect has struck again. Compromise a game for the fast paced 13 year old shooter frenzy teens.

lil Titan3115d ago

if this game turn out not to be so good theres always Socom 4 but this game does look promising looks like a Sci-fi Socom