Confirmed : New Gameplay Trailer will be on PSN

Additional content will be available via PSN as a new trailer including GAME PLAY footage to be revealed at Sony's E3 Press Event (but not playable to the people.) The Gameplay will also be put on PSN in 720p. ADDITIONAL pictures will be posted online.

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I posted this on forum

coxyefc4303d ago

not impressed with the picture that has been released but i'll wait to see the game in action, hopefully it will be good.

TriggerHappy4303d ago (Edited 4303d ago )

Many will be disappointed either, Many will be blown away. However, the devs have also confirmed that, the screenshot released is from an early stage of the development process.

EDIT: Are you saying am wrong cuz what ? I am a caveman ?

BrotherSic4303d ago (Edited 4303d ago )


Seb Downie - QA Manager - Guerrilla Games - added this to his earlier forum post:

"EDIT: When I say "early" I mean, "released early in the day", and not "an early build". The screenshots were taken on the latest version of the game as it was on Saturday."

Its a very recent screenshot, I'm just hoping that gameplay footage is better :)

edit------------------------- ---

to clarify Seb has said that its pre alpha but it was taken from the latest build last saturday. I am glad it will get better but i will be surprise if it is released this year.

Kleptic4303d ago

over 2 years of development and its still in a pre-alpha? that screenshot looks pretty good, but obviously shows some rough edges to pretty much everything (the shadowing is the most noticable to me)...
That is stuff that will be cleaned up before released...but if its true that this is a pre-alpha shot, and that that is all the more the game has been completed...we would be lucky even for a 2008 release...

fenderputty4303d ago

Killzone motha said it was pre pre alpha. So ... what's your point?

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Presidentjr4303d ago

(Borat Tone) very nice..720p, very nice, cant wait

Shadow Flare4303d ago (Edited 4303d ago )

like all games, they look better in motion then in stills. We'll get a chance to see the physics in action too.

I suspect that screenshot might be the worst looking out of the whole set of Killzone screenshots to be released. Its too dark and shows too little. I've heard too many insiders say the game will blow peoples socks off, and make sock shaped craters on the moon. Thats not an actual quote, i should note i made that last bit of the sentance up

ben hates you4303d ago

won't be in 200x320 like the picture

Captain Tuttle4303d ago (Edited 4303d ago )

That must be a very early screen-shot...The detail is terrible. His uniform has no features and is all muddy. This can't (or better not be) even close to a final version.

MrSwede4303d ago

Agreed... it doesn´t look very good..

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