A Third Party Game; Now PS3 Exclusive - UT3? Haze?

The latest edition of IGN's podcast beyond has confirmed that, a third party game that has been rumored to be a multiplatform title will be announced at E3 exclusive for the PS3.

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FordGTGuy4302d ago (Edited 4302d ago )

after they've already said that its multi-platform I think they probably meant timed-exclusive.


They never came out and said that Beautiful Katamari wasn't an exclusive. Haze developers have already confirmed that Haza is a multi-platform game.


I doubt that OXM is reporting on a PS3 game.

pwnaplaya4302d ago

Beautiful Katamari was also said to be multiplatform and now it is a 360 exclusive. Haze was built on the PS3 so there's a high chance that it could be exclusive. As for UT3, it could be a PS3 console exclusive and still be on PC (I haven't heard much on the 360 version of UT3 so this is just reasonable speculation)

P4KY B4302d ago

were the recent UT3 screen shots not from OXM?

TriggerHappy4302d ago

it has not been confirmed if the screens were from the 360 version or the PC/PS3, however, coming from an official Xbox Magazine. Some people were quick to say it is the 360 version. Who really knows what EPIC is up to ?

All i know now about the graphics is that, it will feature Gears of War PLUS graphics so it will be amazing across all platforms.

Lex Luthor4302d ago

PC and 360 versions of both games will hit early 2008. For rest of 2007 it's PS3 exclusive.

Odion4302d ago

it will be Haze, UT3 has had a working build of all 3 platforms since the spring

Lifendz4302d ago

Although I'd like it to be UT3, I'd settle for Haze. I know Ubi doesn't want their game to get lost amidst Halo and Killzone is no sure thing, so why not release it on PS3 exclusively. It's definitely Haze.

SuperSaiyan44302d ago

EPIC already confirmed this, who to believe? The people that make the game or IGN? Lol.

Presidentjr4302d ago

Guys like IGN(Gamespot, 1UP) are closest to the developer than you avg Joe.

_insane_cobra4302d ago

Heavy Rain, of course. They announced the deal with Quantic Dream without revealing the game. Now is the right time to do it.

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The story is too old to be commented.