Final Splinter Cell Conviction trailer before release

Critical Gamer writes: With the UK release of Splinter Cell Conviction almost ready to leap out of the shadows and stun us all on April 16, Ubisoft has released a final trailer for the game featuring Third Echelon boss, Tom Reed.

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scruffy_bear3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Great final trailer :), come on Friday

Cold 20003109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

oops, wrong reply.

hamoor3109d ago

5 hour campaign
567 resolution
i don't care this game gonna rock

Kratos Spartan3109d ago

Gonna miss 'ol Lambert. Any why does Sam look so young?

xTruthx3109d ago

trailers and no reviews lol xD

scruffy_bear3109d ago

The review embargo has moved forward to 8am tomorrow morning (Tuesday April 13th).

xTruthx3109d ago

Reviews will be available the same day the game comes out.....and 8am ? 1 hour before stores open lol. That will give many people time to think before they buy huh xD

scruffy_bear3109d ago

It works out well us EU gamers as it not out till friday

BeaArthur3109d ago

Pennywise...agree, usually not a good sign but I still have faith in this one.

Gamer7l3109d ago

But it was PERFECTLY FINE, when Kojima/Konami did the EXACT SAME THING for MGS4, right???

GTFO, fantroll >>>>>>

Cold 20003109d ago

"But it was PERFECTLY FINE, when Kojima/Konami did the EXACT SAME THING for MGS4, right???

GTFO, fantroll >>>>>>"


Whoooop3109d ago

The main reason Kojima set the embargo to end so late was because of story spoilers and stuff. We basically knew MGS4 was going to be great and its story (even though it sucks for some) is way more complex and has a lot more history.

Conviction story isn't that complex or even interesting compared to others games (first 3 games didn't even have story aside from the usual terrorist threats). It's a fun story, but nothing major to actually end the embargo at release date because of it.

Just a though ;)

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William Gates3109d ago


scruffy_bear3109d ago

LOL, I think the game will be longer than the 5 hours being reported

Socomer 19793109d ago

it is a dvd with uglier graphics after all.
hey wait a minute you hear that? millions of people just cancelled thier pre-order for uncharted 2.

hamoor3109d ago

thats why crysis puts all ps3 games to shame in graphics

carreirabr3109d ago

"Minimum system requirements
from Crytek and EA

Hard Drive - 12GB"

Crysis DVD is just a huge compressed file, you have to uncompress and install it to your HD to use the data.

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