SFX-360 Review: Lunar: Silver Star Harmony

SFX-360 writer SpitefulAvarice writes "Originally developed by Studio Alex and Game Arts (later translated for us English speakers by Working Designs), the acclaimed RPG, Lunar: The Silver Star has seen itself remade and ported quite a few times since its release way back in 1992. Silver Star Harmony is the latest of the remakes. Now, I picked up Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete back for its re release in 1998 for the PS1, being a major RPG fan at the time and hearing quite a few good things about the Lunar series (I also would pick up its sequel, Lunar: Eternal Blue sometime later). And while Lunar is not my top favorite RPG series (a title held by Breath of Fire for the SNES), I was giddy when I heard about a remake for the PSP and I knew I had to at least check it out."

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