Conviction to get Spies vs Mercs after all?

VGD: "Discussing Splinter Cell: Conviction's co-op modes at a recent showcase, Game Director Patrick Redding has hinted to VGD that 'Spies versus Mercenaries', the team-based match type that cemented the franchise's multiplayer credentials, may put in an encore performance as downloadable content post-launch."

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BeaArthur3205d ago

That would be awesome but it better be free.

dirigiblebill3205d ago

Agreed. I think it would be worth them doing a standalone digitally distributed Spies vs Mercs game, similar to Battlefield 1943.

Chubear3205d ago

Really? you think it'll be free uh? ... ok. Well, this is the Merc V Spies that is said to be what makes the series for online so SC fans have access to it.. but it ain't gonna be free that's for damned sure.

Why would Ubisoft make THE most popular, most requested online mode free DLC instead of packaged in the retail box?

lil Titan3205d ago

they should just release an only online Spies vs Mercs, 5 hours of gameplay depending on difficulty im sure seems cheat. they should go in the direction of the people who made warhawk and just drop the main game

Yi-Long3205d ago

... this sounds like yet another example of a developer taking something out of the game, only to sell it later on as DLC, just to screw the customer out of a couple of extra bucks.

mikeslemonade3205d ago

I will buy it if it comes free, but I won't buy the game at all if they charge it, so I would make an example of a customer who would not buy the game. The option of spies vs mercs would allow 100 hours+ of replay value. With the content I see right now I will probably barely scrape 10 hours, so i'm not buying the product way it is now.

StanLee3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

Did any of you read what he said? He said it was omitted because the game's new features like "Last Known Position" and "Mark and Execute" didn't fit the Spies Vs. Mercs game mode. And he's right.

Man In Black3205d ago

First Prince Of Persia, then Assassins Creed 2, now this.

HolyOrangeCows3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

And those would be waaaaaay too hard to turn off/alter for Spies vs Mercs, right?

boodybandit3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

This is so discouraging but what the industry has come to. Release a game and make even more money off of modes and content that should have been included with the game. This is a mode that was a part of Splinter Cell TILL NOW and they most likely pulled it to cash in on it later. The really sad part is a good percentage of consumers will blindly open their wallets and pay for it.

Nickel and diming is completely out of control this generation and it's only going to get worse because the sheep flock to it like flies to sh*t. Developers and publishers arrogance make me sick.

Urmomlol3205d ago

Not going to lie --I'd actually pay for it.

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Catharsis3205d ago

Spies vs. Mercs was certainly the one thing that spelt out replayability for the series. I really don't see any replayability value in far as I'm planning I'm just going to go through solo and co-op once.

BattleAxe3205d ago

Screw Splinter Cell, give me another Rainbow Six.

BubbleSystemSuck3205d ago

I hate the New Modus Operandi....

*Make a Game
*Cut content
*Delivery as DLC

Why just dont make us a 60USD worth full game?

Greywulf3205d ago

Its sad they are setting this precedent. Now multiplat games will keep selling online modes separately. They know if they spend money on advertising, morons will buy it.

This might be the last gen of good games before MS and Ubi/EA/Activision/Capcom just ruin everything.

The f`ing developer said "WE RAN OUT OF TIME" to finish the game.. and yet bots still buy it? Bots were so excited about mercs vs spies, Removed.. still excited? Bots were promised amazing visuals, it looks terrible, uses the unreal engine, and is sub-hd.

Everyone always wants to bring up MGS4, its 2010. Uncharted2 is the bar, and MGS4 still had better visuals than Splinter cell, and better online. And it was LONGER, even though it was just "watching movies"

Bots got owned again, but will keep paying for doing so.

JeffGUNZ3205d ago

Why do you keep comparing this to uc2 or mgs4? You were in another article doing the same thing. No one here is comparing this game to those. Grow up man. I actually began playing splinter cell on PS2 and am pumped for this game. I have been a fan all series and that is not going to change just because it's on the 360 or PC. Look how long your post was, all that wasted time on something you could care less about. Do you really have nothing better to do with your time?

DirtyLary3205d ago

I call BS. They are just saying that to keep sales. GL getting that dlc.

Chubear3205d ago

You know, there's a big possibility you're right and they're just putting that out there so it can edge people to go buy the game in hope or belief that this game mode will be released later on.

Gosh, it's crazy how some gamer fanbases are treated by these companies.

Yi-Long3205d ago

... for many gamers, including myself, this kinda talk about DLC when the game isn't even out yet, is just more reason to NOT buy the game for full-price.

I don't buy games for full-price when you get the strong feeling you're buying an incomplete game where the developers are going to DLC-milk it...

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