JVN - Splinter Cell : Conviction Review

Test of the highly anticipated Splinter Cell Conviction on Microsoft's XBOX 360.

"Splinter Cell: Conviction marks a new turning point in the series from Ubisoft. Once stealth game an extreme measure, which has subsequently been able to evolve intelligently, this fifth installment appears today as an action game. A welcome development or a betrayal ?"

That's the question the webzine tries to answer through its review.

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Pennywise3111d ago

When does the embargo lift on SC:C reviews?

JeffGUNZ3111d ago

idk man, I have been thinking the same thing all day. I thought there would be more reviews by now.

Pennywise3111d ago

When a company holds reviews so late it makes me think the fish is bad and they are still trying to serve it.

Greywulf3111d ago

Someone already pointed it out, but Ubisoft is a french company..

Its 5 hours. No Mercs vs Spies...

What a flop.

Uncharted 2 runs all over this. As does MGS4 with more replayability. I bet the devs will sell mercs vs spies, and bots will be forced to buy it since they have nothing else to do.

clarkjudo3111d ago

Too much replay. Most have stayed up to late having fun playing it over and over and over .... again ... over and over ...

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BeaArthur3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

I just can't put much stock in what a website that goes through translate google says about a game. They are entitled to their opinion but it looses something in the translation.

raztad3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

That's quite disappointing of you Bear. Xenophobic much? JVN is a FRENCH site and if you havent noticed it, Ubi is a FRENCH company. Oh the irony.

Pennywise3111d ago

When does the embargo lift? Where are the reviews for this game? Doesn't it come out tomorrow? Why would a company hold reviews so long?

Hank Hill3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

In others words you'll only support a site if they give it a high review.

blitz06233111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

Please do not look at Alternative Sources. A desperate PS3 fanboy has spoiler titles posted right there. Mods need to do something ASAP. This is gonna turn out like Heavy Rain, FFXIII and GoW3

DelbertGrady3111d ago

I read the review and their comparison to Uncharted 2 felt very out of place.

Raf1k13111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

Can't anyone get these alt sources removed?
In case anyone has seen them yet they're spoilers so don't look. The comments about the alt sources made me take a look and spoiled part of it for me.

DMason3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

Isnt this the same site that bashed Heavy Rain? What does this site have against French devs?

Maybe Ubi should blacklist them.

EDIT: Dont worry about the spoiler tags in the alt sources, none if it is true. I just played through the game and none of those things happen.

BeaArthur3111d ago's not Xenophobic at all. I'm not French and I don't know anything about their culture. Which would include how a french individual would review a game like this. Not to mention, as I already stated, you loose a little something in the translation. Their evaluation isn't as clear to me as it would be if this was from an English speaking site that I am familiar with. And what does Ubisoft being a french company have to do with anything? I didn't say I don't play games that were developed by companies from other countries, I said I don't invest much (on a personal level) in what a company that has to go through translate google has to say about a game.

Hank Hill...and I said that where? You presume to knowing something about me? I read reviews from multiple sites, good or bad. I keep track or reoccurring themes because that is how you get a true evaluation of a game. If 20 people say the same thing it must be true. Since you are apparently incapable or reading what I say let me try and explain it so even you can understand. I don't like reviews from sites that have to be translated because I am unsure as to whether the message is broadcast correctly. I have had this position forever, don't think you know anything about me.

Hank Hill3111d ago

Nice stealth edit there.

BeaArthur3111d ago

Hank Hill...once again you presume to know something about me. I hit edit instead of reply by mistake and by the time I realized it I had already erased the original post. It's irrelevant because although worded differently the message is the same.

Inside_out3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

As soon as this guy compared this game to UC2 and Gears, I knew he knew nothing about gaming...Haven't played the game ( releases tomorrow )...BUT did enjoy the demo as well as all the vids released by Ubi...The controls are as smooth as right there, calling them clunky is a joke...Comparing a super agent with flash grenades, emps and sticky cam/noise distraction/bomb and an arsenal of modern day super guns ( 468,MP5 etc )and the mark and execute to UC and Nathan " I only use AK47 " Drake tells me he's

Maybe he wanted a demon yeti to chase him around the warehouse or maybe chase one" who killed my daughter " you ugly monster...Where's the stealth in UC???...please don't tell me the Museum level you play once and is terrible...Maybe the lack of cinematics and cut scenes, long enough to make a coffee in the kitchen every 2 mins threw him off...Probably missing some AI luv like the pretty ladies in UC...can't argue on that point, they were sweet...I bet he was disappointed he didn't have that idiot villager to talk to you in a foreign language and listen to Drake go huh a hundred times...this is fun...Take the villager on a mission...bla, bla bla...quite you idiot, I'm about to mark and execute....LMAO...Probaly didn't have 10 helo boss battles to entertain him...Maybe the AI in Conviction didn't stare at walls like the heavies...and the worst, Conviction actually made him have to play a game instead of Watch it.....moving on...

Syronicus3111d ago

So you won't accept a review if it is not written in your native language? Would this apply to a review that was more favorable?

Hank Hill3111d ago

Of course not. You know if this site gave the game a 9 or 10 he would've been all over this review and this site. Typical fanboy hypocrisy.

BeaArthur3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

Syronicus...doesn't matter if it's good or bad, I don't get anything useful out of reviews that are written by people who do not share their first language with me. Call it racism, Xenophobia, call it whatever you want that is how I feel about the matter. I mean come on, the article is comparing this game and Uncharted 2.

Hank Hill...I love that you actually call me a fanboy when I am the farthest thing from it. Again, I don't care what score this site gives. In fact I don't think it's even a bad overall score, I figured its metascore would fall somewhere in the low to mid 8's. Please explain how I am a hypocrite? What proof do you have of that?

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4Sh0w3111d ago

"Of the eight hours of play offered by conviction, how many sequences will we learn?"

So is it 5 or 8hrs, well obviously it depends on the one playing the game but generally speaking reviews are done on medium difficulty and the length should be about the same, aahh well I'll get to see for myself tommorrow.

cayal3111d ago

"I just can't put much stock in what a website that goes through translate google says about a game."

Numbers aren't translated.

INC NATE21313111d ago

Ok you know what dont even bother with these stupid ps3 fanboys, you want to know whats real funny is how everyone disregaurded the german magazine that gave gow3 a 6.75/10 notice how that got never blown up, but some ps3 fanboy had to find some bullshit article and blow it up on this fanboy site. IL TRUST IGN WITH THE 9.5 THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

shadow27973110d ago

@cez of rage

Been waiting to say that for long? It's like you have a grudge against a great game for being great. I mean, you seriously made fun of the game for having cutscenes. Cutscenes, I might add, that are regarded as the best in the industry. UC2 is far from MGS, 98% of the time you're playing.

And UC2 had a lot of stealth, actually. There are several entire areas where I can use stealth to take out everyone without being seen.

No, they don't play exactly the same, but they're close enough to warrant a comparison. Even the "last known location" is in UC2, you just don't see a ghost.

I'm not sure what you have against Uncharted, but you're blind if you don't see some similarities between the two games.

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GeoramA3111d ago

It is a 5 hour game afterall...

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PrimordialSoupBase3111d ago

Depends on how you play really. If you play it as a straight shooter and bludgeon your way through everything, 5 hours is about right. If you try to be precise akin to previous splinter cell's (reload, try to perfection) it takes 8 - 10. Level design is quite open ended and merits replay.

Obama3111d ago

No way you can complete mgs4 in 5 hours when you first play it. You can speed run it in 5 hours but first play through requires an average 15-20 hours.

As for SCC many claim the game is 5 hours long in first play through. That's the difference.

Army_of_Darkness3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

MGS4 was no way 5hrs. short... it was way longer than that! I have like 20hrs. on it with my first play through and I died only a few times...
SSC however, sounds disappointing. took them this long to develop and all you get is 5hrs?! well, its a good thing we have online multiplayer these days, otherwise developers would have no excuses to cover up for short campaigns...:-/

well... lets just hope alan wake does better at least length wise.

NaiNaiNai3111d ago

thats funny cause I beat MGS4 in 6 hours on my first run..

maybe you all just suck at games.

>.> but then again I can beat mirrors edge in 42 minutes.

clarkjudo3111d ago

"The main campaign will apparently last up to 12 hours and can be replayed in a variety of different ways. Each time we replayed a level, there were different routes to be explored and new strategies to execute. " - (UK)

"We've only really touched upon the single player aspects of the game, not mentioning the additional co-op campaign which offers up to four hours or more play time, and the adversarial Face Off mode which again can offer limitless amounts of replay value. So to conclude, that for your $60 a five hour experience is simply not good enough, yet what gamers need to look at is the entire package, and remember that there's far more than 5 hours worth of entertainment with this game." - MSXBOX.COM

Obama3111d ago

I really don't believe you Nainainai. To beat mgs4 in 6 hours you will have to rush through everything, avoiding enemies and know exactly what to do in each fight. You doing that in your first play through??? I doubt it.

NaiNaiNai3111d ago

obama you cleary didn't play all of the other metal gears.

all the bosses had the same bloody weaknesses.

but what ever if your to stupid to know this. fine i'll let you be.

thor3111d ago

You must also have skipped all of the cutscenes; cutscenes being part of the experience. You can say they were too long and don't count - but I bet splinter-cell has at least 2 hours of non-interactive content. MGS4 is quite a big game.

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divideby03111d ago

After playing the demo, I keep saying low 8s....
7.5 even for the demo is to low a score.
IGN is so full of BS these days, I used to believe their reviews now I just glance at time for all the consoles

raztad3111d ago

IGN is not a good place to go for a review.

I read above JVN is not good at reviewing either, so I guess SC fans would have to wait for more reviews.

clarkjudo3111d ago

Then I guess you will have to say the same thing about Game Informer's 9.0?

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