Things We Hate About Gaming: Multiplayer Unlocks

Negative Gamer's Mark "junglistgamer":

"I'm no longer willing to tolerate the chastity belt locked firmly onto almost every modern multiplayer game. I feel like a dog being taught to beg for its food. More accurately, I feel like a sucker for buying games with half their multiplayer content locked until I reach an arbitrary playtime."

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wardrox3116d ago

This is why, imho, games like MW2 suck. I want to be playing a game because I enjoy playing, not because I'm grinding!

-Alpha3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

Games like MW2 suck for numerous other reasons, I don't think unlocks is one of them though.

I like the idea of being rewarded for playing and the idea of being able to get a well rounded experience with all weapons instead of having the whole community gravitate towards the most popular weapon. That's the good thing about unlocks in MP. It's a good way to reward players.

The issue is balancing. I personally find the balance of CoD4 to be pretty fair. New players have to work their way up but at least they are well equipped. Ultimately it comes down to how well you play as even having higher unlocks doesn't mean you are better.

Compare that to a game like MAG where you truly are screwed against higher level players. In a game like MAG unlocks exist but you have to work your way up and it rewards players greatly for getting experience points. The lower players are sheltered by the team and they get better by winning as a team.

IMO unlocks help create a hierarchy and a society structure that makes the experience more rewarding. Lower level players aren't always the weaker ones, especially in games like CoD4 where preset classes exist regardless of whether you've unlocked specific things like the gun or perks.

triumphofhearts3116d ago

I agree with the article.

Why make those rubbish at FPSs more rubbish?