Ruthlesskid Vs Big Freezy: A Debate On Console Failure Rates And Functionality

Gary A Swaby of writes: Ruthlesskid is one of the most vocal members on The Koalition staff when it comes to his console preferences; he is so vocal that he starts a lot of arguments. A couple days ago Big Freezy hit me up whilst I was hanging out with Ruthlesskid, Ruthless began one of his rants about Playstation 3's hardware which sparked a big debate. We decided this was the perfect time to start his new show "Ruthless Vs" in which he will go back and forth with various gamers. Big Freezy A.K.A Freezola 75 is one of our most loyal readers, and we appreciate him allowing us to record the debate. Be sure to follow him on twitter. So who has the better argument? You decide, let us know your thoughts on what both Ruthlesskid and Big Freezy had to say.

Special shout outs to Worsecase from GamesonSmash, who was also present during the debate (communicating through Skype). So who's next Ruthless? HipHopGamer perhaps?

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lil Titan3161d ago

Dam dude gonna hurt kid feelings

sick1nyne3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

I'm feeling under the weather today, but for 27 mins I laughed my ass off.

@lil Titan
Good points are made through out this podcast. I laughed more at the UK dude. He needs to open his eyes.

lil Titan3161d ago

dude does make a good point when he's talkin about Project Natal and how barely microsoft is marking it when usually they are out there