Survey: Top 10 Most Wanted Upcoming PS3 Games

PS3 owners won't have much to worry about for the rest of the year, in fact they've already zoomed in on the games they'll purchase later this year.

According to GamePlan's weekly tracking study that surveys 1,000 U.S gamers and game buyers including hardcore gamers, casual gamers and everyone in between, these 10 upcoming PS3 titles are the most wanted:

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Batzi3164d ago

Right now on PS3 I am looking forward to Batman: AA2, the next Silent Hill and of course on the top of them all, Metal Gear Solid: Rising

Right now I can't wait wait to get my hands on Peace Walker, that's all I am waiting for right now.

bnaked3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

This list is total crap..

edit: ok the Nr.1 is right ^^

BeaArthur3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

I wouldn't say it's total crap but there are a lot of uninspiring games on this list.

Blaster_Master3164d ago

I didnt know Sims 3 was coming to the ps3? Thats crazy, i know my girl gonna want one now. Sheesh. Anyways, I didnt like this list, but you have to see it from the consumers point of view. There are more noobs then gaming addicts like us. So its sites like this job to inform the noobs and its okay to not agree with this. We know that the best games have yet to be unveiled for this year, And GT5 is my most anticipated game this year, I hope it feels like GT3 on steroids.

Noctis Aftermath3164d ago

Aside from GT5 it is a fairly lacklaster list, then again it was Americans that they asked...

darx3164d ago

has defiantly piqued my interest, I think I am look forward to that the most.

HolyOrangeCows3164d ago

8: The Sims 3
5: Max Payne 3
4: Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands
3: Super Street Fighter IV


N4BmpS3164d ago

This is a bad list what happened to Mod Nation racers, The Last Guardian, Resistance 3, Socom4, Agent(maybe this year). PS3 owners have other things to look forward to other than GT5; come on dude I can't take this list serious. But on the multiplatform front he also for got Red Dead Redemption, Uh Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, Crysis 2, etc. I could have made a better list so what if you put Batman:AA 2 on there I'm excited for that as well but still dude.

blasian3164d ago

no modnation or last guardian... fail...

Bravo43164d ago

The Last Guardian -Will own-
Final Fantasy Versus XIII
Final Fantasy 14
3D Dot Game Heroes
ModNation Racers

Expect a megaton of announcements in E3, including Jaffe's new game.

Yakuza 4 and Kenzan also better come here! That would easily be included in my list!

raztad3164d ago

I wonder who were asked? or if people just picked their favourites out of a very small pool. I can understand B:AA2, definitely GT5 but PoP? or the sims? True crime?

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-Alpha3164d ago

Sims 3? Is that even coming out to Playstation 3?? Super Street Fighter? As if it does anything major over SFIV. Dead Rising? At least they got GT5 right. Just goes to show you how popular this series is and how badly people are waiting for it.

I'd have the list full with Twisted Metal Black, iNFamous 2, 3D Dot Heroes, Killzone 3, Socom 4, and Demon's Souls 2, though that isn't confirmed in any way.

LiViNgLeGaCY3164d ago

I'm more interested in the exclusive games than anything. Not saying anything against multiplat games. But c'mon.

movements3164d ago

This is Alpha,a sequel for these games haven't been announced.

Kingdom Come3164d ago

Alpha, it amazes me how you gain Disagrees. In the majority of posts of yours I have viewed you have spoke only logically. Can you PM me your Xbox 360 add? You seem really cool. :]
On topic: Splinter Cell Con....... Oh, Wait.

-Alpha3164d ago

Thanks. People can hit the disagree button as much as they want. Doesn't change what a person says. The only way to do that is to actually get in a sensible debate with them. Unfortunately most people would rather shut their ears and keep their hands clean instead of engaging in discussion. You'd think that sort of mentality would stay in the open zone but the line between open and gamer zone has been erased along time ago.

On topic:

As Living Legacy said I'm more interested in the exclusives of the PS3. Personally I'll likely only be picking up Killzone 3 and 3D dot Heroes this year and Reach on the 360. I don't know how Sims 3 and super Street Fighter ranked so high.

Kingdom Come3164d ago

By the way, love Dexter. Second only to LOST. The season 4 cliffhanger left me speechless, can not wait to see how the actions of the Finale are gonna effect the character himself, Micheal C Hall= Lengend.
On topic: Apologies to people who were offended by Splinter Cell comment.

N4BmpS3164d ago

If this guy really wanted to talk about multiplatform games(the author I mean) He could have mentioned Alpha Protocol. Oh and I know why Sims 3 was so high on the list this guy didn't really know what he was talking about.

HammockGames3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

...Alpha probably gets disagrees because he calls them as he sees them.

Or in other words, he probably doesn't drink the fanboy Kool-aide that warps one's perceptions, increases aggression, and makes one all too easily offended by even innocuous, inoffensive, objective comments to the point of seeming paranoid to casual observers.

But logical discussion is all too often drown out by those who are hypervigilant with an unhealthy attachment to their chosen console/platform/manufacturer/ whatever.

We're all gamers here to talk about a common hobby we love - not argue and attack each other - but too many lose sight of that. I don't get it. Never will.

Regardless, keep up the level headed discussion fellas', and bubbles.

On topic, Resistance 3 and KZ3 would be the games on deck that I look forward to the most. This list was actually pretty thin on substance.

deadoralive13373164d ago

Well, I am a multi-console owner and i get disagree for complimenting a 360 game or bashing a ps3 game and i get agrees for complimenting the ps3 games and bashing 360 games. One time i said "reach will kick ass" i got disagrees and other time i said that sony's e3 will be good i got agrees. So basically, who gives a crap. I am a proud multi-console owner. I get best of both worlds. Screw Fanboys! They are moving the gaming industry back instead of forward.

On topic: No modnation and some of those games listed are not even worth mentioning.

HammockGames3164d ago

@ deadoralive

Well said, mate. I'm in the same multi console boat. So enjoy the games, screw the haters.

Arguing with fanboys is pointless anyway. I think Glen Beck wrote a book about it. Ok, maybe the book itself isn't about fanboys, but the main part of the title still applies!

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remanutd553164d ago

Gran Turismo 5
The Last Guardian
ModNation Racers
White Knight Chronicles 2
Socom 4
Final Fantasy versus
those are my most anticipated announced titles
unannounced titles
Motorstorm 3
Killzone 3
Resistance 3
Jaffe's new game

Pennywise3164d ago

Sony needed to release some of those over the next couple of months. I am really not excited for any games coming in the near future.

I hope Socom4 doesn't get hurt by Confrontation. I was going to avoid any future Socoms, but I like MAG so much I will give Zipper my money. A real Socom will be nice.

remanutd553164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

isnt ModNation Racers coming out in a couple of weeks ? i hope Gran Turismo 5 gets a summer released not fall , i dont think we will see White Knight Chronicles 2 in the west till next year , i just hope Level 5 and sony do the localization faster than WKC and Socom 4 is the only " Hardcore " game demoing the playstation Move , its being developed by the real Socom makers so i dont expect it to suffer drastically from the Confrontation experience but who knows , i know im getting it for sure , i hope to see Motorstorm 3 , Resistance 3 and Starhawk coming out this fall

madpuppy3164d ago

The Sims??? bleck!

I am actually looking forward to:
Split Second
Max Payne 3
Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days (looks better than the first)
Quantum Theory (looks interesting)
Medal of Honor
Crysis 2
Vanquish (looks to have potential)

damn, what is an unemployed trucker to do??

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