Top 5 innovative stealth games for years to come

Not a lot has been done with the stealth genre through the past years. While we're starting to see games incorporating aspects of stealth, few can claim to be truly "innovative." However, thanks to the following five games and franchises, we have seen amazing changes in gaming and the stealth genre as a whole.

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Batzi3163d ago

Metal Gear started it all and the rest followed and are not even close to match the quality that Kojima gave us for the past 22 years. Metal Gear Solid: Rising is set to take the stealth genre to the next level while Peace Walker is adding RPG elements that contribute more to the understanding of Big Boss' story now being the leader of his own army "Militaire Sans Frontieres", Big Boss needs to manage his Mother Base and recruit and train soldiers to fight The Patriots invasion of Costa Rica. Stealth-RPG FTW!

john master lee3163d ago

Kojima, you don't have to defend your work. It's all good.