David Jaffe Returns to Twitter

NowGamer: Eat.Sleep.Play founder and God of War creator David Jaffe has rekindled his love affair with micro-blogging site Twitter.

Famously outspoken, avid blogger Jaffe is currently working on Eat.Sleep.Play's as-yet-unannounced PS3 title, rumoured to be a new Twisted Metal game. Jaffe reportedly deleted his previous Twitter account in September last year after getting into a debate about the used games market with a fan...

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DeforMAKulizer3114d ago

1. So awesome to have him back on the tweeting world, he honestly answers any question you throw at him...
2. He once said that when he returns his game's reveal will be soon! I sure hope it is =D
3. HOLY MAMA!!! IS HE TEASING A NEW TWISTED METAL WITH THE BACKGROUND?! Im dying for a full fledged confirmation!

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