Splinter Cell Conviction Has Been Worth The Wait; Here's Why

There comes a point in time when a videogame character reaches the end of their life, and the torch must be passed on. This generally means the end of a major point in the franchise, when everything we know will be turned up on its head and the very fabric of the character's being is put to the test. In the case of Splinter Cell that character is Sam Fisher, and if Splinter Cell: Conviction is going to be his last hurrah then it's almost guaranteed to be worth the wait. It's also nice to see that the extended development cycle was considered to make sure the game ended up here the developers wanted it, as opposed to simply trying to cash-in on the franchise. Here's the breakdown:

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Sanrin3138d ago

this game is gonna be awesome.

Christopher3138d ago

It's sad in this day and age where the idiotic console wars have grown so much that multiple articles explaining further why a game is good in addition to the usual reviews are necessary because so many on the other side of the fence work so hard to lambaste a game they'll never even play.

I miss the 80s and early 90s, where games stood on their own and people could like games that others didn't like without provocation or general dislike because of it.

Inside_out3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

Staying with the theme of the article...was it worth the long wait???...For me, I love the new and to the point...I think scraping the old game was the right thing to do...I hope Ubisoft puts more development time on there own game engines....Unreal 2.5 looks great...I'm sure Unreal 3 or 3.5 would of been better...This game looks awesome as is but there is plenty of room for improvements...Alan Wake took as long and I think most people would agree it looks better...PLUS it'll be 720p when it releases in a couple wks...STILL...loved the demo...can't wait to play it tomorrow.....

Immortal3213137d ago

that's pathetic to the max. I advise no one to get this game, just to tell the developers to get their lazy @ss together.

Kyll3138d ago

I dunno, heard it's a short game

mephman3138d ago

I guess we'll find out when it's released.

BeaArthur3138d ago

The campaign appears to be relatively short but there seems to be a good amount of co-op. Besides if it's good you will probably play it multiple times.

Selyah3138d ago

I really hope this does turn out to be something quite special.

jammers3138d ago

I like the interactive HUD on the environment, but I wonder how it will pan out in the full game.

BeaArthur3138d ago

Probably very similar to the way it did in the demo.

Microsoft Xbox 3603138d ago

Worth the wait for an average looking game? The 360 fanboys must have lowered their standards recently.

logichurtsfanboys3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

Lowered? They never had very high standards to begin with.

Microsoft Xbox 3603138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

You're right. Not much to expect from outdated hardware.

kvg883138d ago

games have been crucified in the past for being too short (namely, Heavenly Sword comes to mind) and SC:C got a free pass so far in the media.

You get people saying, oh but you can replay it - well, same goes for those games that got RAPED for being too short.

they hypocritical levels that surround this are astounding lol

AliTheBrit193138d ago

LOOK Average, key word moron

All you're going to do is look at content of the game online and convince yourself it looks bad because your sore it isn't coming to PS3.

But hey, lets throw logic and common sense out the window and ignore the 9/10's and great praise this game has been getting, right?

I'll try being an idiot too! ummm God of War 3 looks average :D

logichurtsfanboys3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

9/10's? It's had one review come in that I can see... And you do realize this is the open zone right? Meaning just about anything goes? If you want to try to have a civil conversation on this website, you'd be better off posting in the gamer zone lol. Also, that wasn't really a jab at the game I made, it's more towards 360 fanboys. To be honest, I hate all fanboys, they're really annoying and very few actually use facts.

Edit: I do hate 360 fanboys more simply because of the fact that they don't understand the definition of exclusive.

clarkjudo3137d ago

"The main campaign will apparently last up to 12 hours and can be replayed in a variety of different ways. Each time we replayed a level, there were different routes to be explored and new strategies to execute." (UK)

"We've only really touched upon the single player aspects of the game, not mentioning the additional co-op campaign which offers up to four hours or more play time, and the adversarial Face Off mode which again can offer limitless amounts of replay value. So to conclude, that for your $60 a five hour experience is simply not good enough, yet what gamers need to look at is the entire package, and remember that there's far more than 5 hours worth of entertainment with this game.' -

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